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Climate Change

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Starts On August 1; Gas Stove Ban Coming Next



Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images

Biden’s Department of Energy plans to mete out “the maximum civil penalty” against manufacturers that “knowingly distribute” illicit light bulbs which violate their new efficiency standards. 

From Politico, “While everyone was yelling about gas stoves, the incandescent light bulb went away”:

It’s lights out for the incandescent bulbs that people have known, changed and singed their hands on for 140 years.

The modern descendant of Thomas Edison’s most famous legacy is set to formally meet its demise in the U.S. at the end of this month, despite years of efforts by Republicans to extend its lifespan. As of Aug. 1, the Energy Department will fully enforce new efficiency regulations that the old bulbs can’t meet, effectively prohibiting their retail sale.

[…] The endgame for old light bulbs came quietly — by early this year, lawmakers had mostly moved on to squabbling over gas stoves and other newer targets of the Energy Department’s efficiency efforts.

With the Biden regime jailing their opposition en masse, transifying kids, threatening to start WWIII and throwing open the borders, certain issues have to take a back seat.

Over a decade ago, though, the light bulb issue shone bright for tea party conservatives and GOP presidential hopefuls, who accused Democrats of trying to limit consumers’ choices.

CFL bulbs — the alternative at the time — literally induced migraine headaches in otherwise healthy people. When they broke, a hazmat team was needed to clean up the mercury they released.

Republican lawmakers even succeeded in passing legislation to block the Obama administration from carrying out the new efficiency standards — sometimes to the irritation of large light bulb manufacturers that had spent big bucks preparing for them.

[…] The fight zigged, then zagged: The Obama administration took action in its waning days to finalize the bulb efficiency requirements, only for former President Donald Trump — who once proclaimed energy-efficient bulbs made him “look orange” — to halt the move. But DOE pushed the rules to the finish line last year after President Joe Biden came into office with a climate agenda that includes a focus on energy efficiency measures.

Trump blocking the ban was one of the highlights of his presidency.

DOE completed the action last April, but full enforcement of the rule is set to begin Aug. 1. The transition away from the inefficient bulbs has been underway for more than a year, as the department provided flexibility for manufacturers and retailers to comply with the new standard.

That fight may be settled, but the larger fight over energy efficiency standards is still looming. Republican lawmakers in recent months have continually derided the Biden administration’s efficiency actions on everything from more efficient stoves to laundry machines and dishwashers.

For example, the Energy Department is proposing new efficiency standards covering gas stoves as well as electric stoves and ovens. Advocates say the rule would save consumers money on natural gas and lessen a source of greenhouse gas pollution, but critics point to DOE estimates that only about half of gas stoves now in the market could meet the proposed standards — something they contend amounts to a de-facto ban.

[…] DOE said it intends to seek the maximum civil penalty against [light bulb] manufacturers that knowingly distribute products that violate the standards. The department has previously issued civil penalties worth tens of thousands of dollars for companies violating its energy conservation standards.

Over half the country still appears to be using mostly incandescents.

Forty-seven percent of U.S. households reported using LED bulbs for most indoor lighting in 2020, according to the Energy Information Administration, up from only 4 percent in 2015.

It’s still not clear what incandescents will survive this ban. There’s some exemptions for certain specialty bulbs but I can’t find a definitive list anywhere. 

Incandescents are still the best bulbs there are as the light they produce is 100 on the color rendering index — meaning it’s identical to sunlight — whereas the best LEDs are only around 90. 

Nonetheless, as is now the norm, the plebs must be made to suffer to advance the “liberal world order.”

This post was originally published at Information Liberation

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Climate Change

He’s Furious

The billionaire hypocrite.



Billionaire John Caudwell is warning of an “environmental apocalypse” due to CO2 emissions.

Last month, he bragged about using his private helicopter instead of a car to save time on getting back to his £90 million mansion.

He also owns a 73 foot superyacht which belches 1,500 times more CO2 than the average car.

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Climate Change

Why Did Bill Gates Make Sudden U-Turn On Climate Doom Narrative?



Zero Hedge

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for The New York Times

Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and climate alarmist Bill Gates has backtracked on ‘climate doom’ prophecies. The writing is on the wall for the political and financial elites, who have long championed imminent climate doom, realizing that the public sees through the charades. 

In 2021, Gates previously warned about apocalyptic consequences if the world does not achieve zero net carbon emissions by the year 2050. He also promoted his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” (fear sells). 

On Thursday, Gates made a sudden U-turn on his climate doom narrative and now expects “No temperate country is going to become uninhabitable.”

Gates spoke at a live event at The Times Center in New York and argued: “If you try to do climate brute force, you will get people who say, ‘I like climate but I don’t want to bear that cost and reduce my standard of living.” 

He also dismissed planting trees to save the planet, questioning: “Are we the science people or are we the idiots?” he said. “Which one do we want to be?”

Gates’ latest comments are a stark difference from just a few years ago when he warned “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace: 

“The migration that we saw out of Syria for their civil war, which was somewhat weather dependent, we’re going to have 10 times as much migration because the equatorial areas will become unlivable.” 

Gates’ U-turn comes as BlackRock CEO Larry Fink abandoned the term “ESG” (environment, social, and governance). And the ‘green bubble‘ is imploding. 

And, of course, Gates is smart. He understands the propaganda isn’t working anymore and must resonate with the majority to prevent getting ‘Bud Light’d.’  

This post was originally published by Zero Hedge

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Climate Change

Apple Touts Commitment to ‘Mother Nature’ in Cringe Climate Change Ad

“Our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.”



Chris Menahan | Information Liberation


Apple CEO Tim Cook released a cringeworthy ad on Tuesday featuring Apple execs touting their commitment to Mother Nature — as represented by a sassy black woman — and pledging to make all Apple products “have a net zero climate impact by 2030.”

“Our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere,” one Apple exec says in the ad.

In the past, our business leaders used their wealth to build Churches, museums, libraries and other highly valuable public works — now they worship Mother Nature, bow before the altar of “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (DIE) and donate millions to the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center to take away the American people’s free speech rights.

In 2017, Tim Cook donated $2 million in Apple funds to the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center to fight “hate.”

Whereas ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt is giving Elon Musk and Twitter/X hell for daring to take steps to support free speech, Greenblatt rewarded Cook with an “ADL Courage Against Hate Award” as a kickback.

“‘Lo ta’amod al dam re’eikha,’ Do not be indifferent to the bloodshed of your fellow man,” Cook said during his speech, speaking in Hebrew.

“We only have one message for those who seek to push hate division and violence you have no place on our platforms,” Cook told the pro-Israel lobbying group.

Of course, hatred of whites and Christians is to be encouraged and must be taught to children.

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