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Video: Mindless Idiots Allowed To Vandalise Yet Another Priceless Painting

More cry baby plum munching larpers in action




Another pair of posh trust fund babies were allowed to damage a priceless historical painting Tuesday, prompting calls for a stop to the coddling of such ‘environmental activists’.

As the Daily Mail reports, two members of a group that calls itself ‘Last Generation’ were allowed to throw a black, oily liquid over Gustav Klimt’s 1915 painting ‘Death and Life’, with one then gluing his hand to the damaged masterpiece at Vienna’s Leopold Museum

As a security guard restrained one of the idiots, he began to yell about the world being in “climate hell,” due to “fossil fuel destruction,” further blathering “we have known about the problem for 50 years ,we must finally act, otherwise the planet will be broken.”

Fortunately the painting was protected by a glass barrier, and experts are determining if any lasting damage has been done.

Reacting to the latest stunt, Austria’s culture minister Andrea Mayer declared that “art and culture are allies in the fight against climate catastrophe, not adversaries.”

“From my point of view, accepting the risk of irrevocable damage to works of art is the wrong way to go,” Mayer added. 

Hans-Peter Wipplinger, the director of the Leopold Museum, added that “attacking works of art is definitely the wrong way to implement the targeted goal of preventing the predicted climate collapse,” but also claimed that the concerns of the climate activists were justified.

The stunt follows other similar incidents orchestrated by the British group Just Stop Oil, who threw tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ in London’s National Gallery last month, as well as gluing themselves to the frame of an early copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, and to John Constable’s ‘The Hay Wain’ in the National Gallery.

Another set of morons also threw pea soup onto a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece in Rome, vowing to continue until something is done about climate change.

A couple of cry babies just out of high chairs threw their mashed potato at a Monet in Germany:

A further set of spoiled brats glued themselves to a famous Goya work in Madrid while scrawling nonsense on the museum walls:

Should these two clowns be taken seriously?

More posh over-privileged bored students in action:

These two probably should be old enough to know better:

These two grandmas in Melbourne claimed to be with Extinction Rebellion:

This trend appears to have started back in May when a lone moron tried to smear the Mono Lisa with cream.

They are not restricting themselves to paintings:

As the attacks on artworks continue, dozens of the world’s top museums issued a joint declaration last week saying that the vandals “severely underestimate” the damage that could be caused to the artworks.

The full statement reads:

“In recent weeks, there have been several attacks on works of art in international museum collections. The activists responsible for them severely underestimate the fragility of these irreplaceable objects, which must be preserved as part of our world cultural heritage. As museum directors entrusted with the care of these works, we have been deeply shaken by their risky endangerment. 

Museums are places where people from a wide variety of backgrounds can engage in dialogue and which therefore enable social discourse. In this sense, the core tasks of the museum as an institution – collecting, researching, sharing and preserving – are now more relevant than ever. We will continue to advocate for direct access to our cultural heritage. And we will maintain the museum as a free space for social communication.”

The declaration was issued by the Prado museum in Madrid, and signed by the directors of more than 90 world-renowned museums including the Guggenheim in New York, Louvre in Paris and Uffizi in Florence.

The culprits believe that attention-seeking to propagandize for climate change activism, a cause amplified by virtually every major media outlet, corporation, the entertainment industry, cultural institution, government and academia, is some kind of rebellious, edgy statement.

It isn’t.

As we previously highlighted, it’s mostly just a desperate attempt to get noticed by unloved children who have nothing else to complain about.

Western governments are pursuing net zero carbon policies with fervour, raising the question, what exactly are these plum cheeked freaks crying for?


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    Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and climate alarmist Bill Gates has backtracked on ‘climate doom’ prophecies. The writing is on the wall for the political and financial elites, who have long championed imminent climate doom, realizing that the public sees through the charades. 

    In 2021, Gates previously warned about apocalyptic consequences if the world does not achieve zero net carbon emissions by the year 2050. He also promoted his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” (fear sells). 

    On Thursday, Gates made a sudden U-turn on his climate doom narrative and now expects “No temperate country is going to become uninhabitable.”

    Gates spoke at a live event at The Times Center in New York and argued: “If you try to do climate brute force, you will get people who say, ‘I like climate but I don’t want to bear that cost and reduce my standard of living.” 

    He also dismissed planting trees to save the planet, questioning: “Are we the science people or are we the idiots?” he said. “Which one do we want to be?”

    Gates’ latest comments are a stark difference from just a few years ago when he warned “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace: 

    “The migration that we saw out of Syria for their civil war, which was somewhat weather dependent, we’re going to have 10 times as much migration because the equatorial areas will become unlivable.” 

    Gates’ U-turn comes as BlackRock CEO Larry Fink abandoned the term “ESG” (environment, social, and governance). And the ‘green bubble‘ is imploding. 

    And, of course, Gates is smart. He understands the propaganda isn’t working anymore and must resonate with the majority to prevent getting ‘Bud Light’d.’  

    This post was originally published by Zero Hedge

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    Apple CEO Tim Cook released a cringeworthy ad on Tuesday featuring Apple execs touting their commitment to Mother Nature — as represented by a sassy black woman — and pledging to make all Apple products “have a net zero climate impact by 2030.”

    “Our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere,” one Apple exec says in the ad.

    In the past, our business leaders used their wealth to build Churches, museums, libraries and other highly valuable public works — now they worship Mother Nature, bow before the altar of “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (DIE) and donate millions to the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center to take away the American people’s free speech rights.

    In 2017, Tim Cook donated $2 million in Apple funds to the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center to fight “hate.”

    Whereas ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt is giving Elon Musk and Twitter/X hell for daring to take steps to support free speech, Greenblatt rewarded Cook with an “ADL Courage Against Hate Award” as a kickback.

    “‘Lo ta’amod al dam re’eikha,’ Do not be indifferent to the bloodshed of your fellow man,” Cook said during his speech, speaking in Hebrew.

    “We only have one message for those who seek to push hate division and violence you have no place on our platforms,” Cook told the pro-Israel lobbying group.

    Of course, hatred of whites and Christians is to be encouraged and must be taught to children.

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