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China Elected To World Health Organisation Executive Board With No Objections

“This is the regime that crushed those in Wuhan like Dr. Li Wenliang who courageously tried to warn the world about the coronavirus”



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China has been elected to the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board with zero objections from any democratic countries, despite its voluminous attempts to cover up the Coronavirus outbreak and its subsequent brutal lockdowns.

Hillel Neuer of the watchdog group UN Watch noted “this is the regime that crushed” warnings from whistleblowers in late 2019 and early 2020.

He also noted that “not a single democracy spoke out to object.”

Spectator columnist Ross Clark commented that the WHO is “stuffed with small countries, many with lousy human rights records, which will not dare to challenge China or which will not have the political clout to do so.”

Lets remember that the head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19 has admitted that China basically ordered his team on what to write in their report and allowed them to mention the lab leak theory, but only on the condition that they didn’t recommend following it up.

In addition, China has refused to cooperate with the renewed WHO probe, declaring that any attempt to look into the lab leak theory goes “against science” and claiming, contrary to U.S. intelligence and the WHO’s own conclusions, that workers in the lab were hospitalised with COVID in the autumn of 2020.

China’s government run Academy of Sciences also shortlisted the Wuhan bio-lab for its ‘Outstanding Science Achievement’ prize for work with coronaviruses.

Talk about rubbing it in.

Jamie Metzl, a leading advisor for the World Health Organisation itself has stated that China engaged in a “massive cover up” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Metzl also pointed out that the World Health Organisation “doesn’t have the mandate to have its own surveillance capabilities,” and was therefore easily batted away by China in the early days of the outbreak when it requested to send responders.

The WHO, which facilitated China’s draconian response to COVID by insisting the western world impose similar lockdowns, is also now urging that gay pride events go ahead despite the clear risk of them being monkeypox super-spreader events, given that the virus is transmitted through close physical contact.

Awarding China a seat on the WHO Executive Board is like if North Korea was put in charge of the UN Conference on Disarmament…oh wait, they really did that too.


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    “He’s Not Running Again”: Top Democrat Lawmaker Predicts One Term For Biden



    Zero Hedge


    Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, told the NY Times Editorial Board in a weekend interview that President Joe Biden won’t run for office a second time.

    “Off the record, he’s not running again,” Maloney said, when asked – to which the Times responded, “Not off the record. On the record.”

    “On the record?” She replied. “No, he should not run again.

    Earlier this month, Maloney said during a debate against Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) that she doesn’t think Biden will run again – a comment she walked back the next day.

    “Mr. President, I apologize,” she said on CNN, adding “I want you to run. I happen to think you won’t be running, but when you run or if you run, I will be there 100%. You have deserved it.”

    “You are a great president, and thank you for everything you’ve done for my state and all the states and all the cities in America,” she continued.

    Maloney’s latest comments come as recent polling shows that majority of Americans are worried about Biden’s mental health.

    Maloney’s comments are in stark contrast to the Biden camp – with Bloomberg reporting earlier in the week that the president is planning to launch his re-election campaign shortly after midterms (despite the fact that 75% of Democratswant another candidate to run).

    Mean while, in an appearance on ABC‘s “The View,” White House spox Karine Jean-Pierre insisted the president is running.

    “So let me just say this and the president has been asked this question multiple times. So have I,” she said, adding “The president intends to run in 2024. That is something that he’s, again, has said multiple times. It is so far away right now. It is a long time away and what we are going to focus on, on how do we continue to deliver for the American public today, and the next day and has we have been doing the past 18 months. I will say this from that same poll that you are reading off of, is that in a head-to-head, the president beats Donald Trump.”

    This post was originally published at Zero Hedge

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    NBC Journalist Laments: “People Don’t Trust Us, They Don’t Believe Us”

    Shocking moment of self-awareness.



    Video Screenshot

    An NBC journalist embraced a rare moment of self-awareness when she admitted, “people don’t trust us, they don’t believe us.”

    The comments were made by Katy Tur during an interview with The Hill to promote her new book.

    “The trust in media, in newspapers and television, is hitting an all time low,” said Tur as she looked forlorn.

    “People don’t trust us. They don’t believe us, and it makes me wonder if this job —as I’m currently doing it– is effective, but if it’s doing more harm than good,” she added.

    Wow, finally a journalist who has accepted the horrific state of her industry.

    Tur made the comments in response to a new Gallup poll which finds that, “Just 16% of U.S. adults now say they have ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’ of confidence in newspapers and 11% in television news.”

    “Hear me out for a second here — have you considered not lying?” remarked Chris Menahan. That’s a rhetorical question — of course the answer is no. The media’s only concern is how to best package the regime’s lies in a way that’s “effective.”

    With the public showing a total lack of trust in the media, the baton has been handed to so-called ‘fact checkers’, who are just offshoots of legacy media outlets, to try to control the narrative by ‘debunking’ dissenting views.

    However, now they’re losing credibility too, leading them to try to pressure Big Tech to ban their competition, with fact checkers explicitly stating their reason for doing so is that no one is interested in watching ‘fact checker’ content on platforms like YouTube.

    As we highlighted last month, CNN’s ratings continue to collapse, down 63% from just a year ago, and CNN+ was a dismal failure.

    The network’s new leader is now ordering hyper-partisan hacks to stop giving their biased opinions on everything and concentrate on delivering actual news.

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    Rich and famous caught buying fake COVID vaccine certificates.

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