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Black Lives Matter

London School Changes Building Name From Winston Churchill To That Of A Black Football Player For ‘Diversity’

Winston Churchill led Britain to victory over Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, while Marcus Rashford gets paid millions of pounds to kick a ball around and promote Coca Cola



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A school in London has changed the name of one of its buildings from ‘Churchill House’ named after Winston Churchill, replacing it with the name of a football player after students complained it wasn’t “diverse” enough.

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School in Richmond replaced Churchill’s name with that of Marcus Rashford, a 24-year-old English football player.

“The children across school have been keen to change some of the names of the school houses to be more diverse,” the school noted, adding “We are pleased to be able to announce the name changes during Black History Month.

The school also renamed a house named after Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, presumably because Rowling is guilty of the sin of insisting that there are only two biological genders.

The headteacher of the school, Alison Bateman, explained “The changing of our school’s house names was an activity that our children began discussing last year as they did not feel the names reflected the diverse community of our school.”

Bateman added “It is important that children’s’ voices are heard and this is why we supported their choice to have our house names reflect diversity, equality and the environment.” (Another of the houses is named after climate change campaigner Sir David Attenborough.)

While the headteacher claimed that parents were on board with the changes, The Daily Mail interviewed some who clearly were not.

One parent said “A lot of us are quite shocked that the school authorities have decided that the contributions of Churchill and Rowling deserve to be erased from the records without so much as a consultation with parents.”

The parent added “Presumably this has happened party due to the supposed thoughtcrimes committed by these two national figures. For context, the other two – unchanged – house names are ‘Pankhurst’ and ‘Attenborough’.”

“I am not alone in feeling appalled that this cowardly action has been taken,” the parent further urged.

In addition, this isn’t the first time that both Churchill and Rowling’s names have been cancelled by a school. Earlier this year, Seaford Head School in East Sussex removed the names of the two from buildings following complaints by students about them being “intolerant.”

While the students described Rowling as not a “suitable representative,” they claimed “Churchill was a figure who promoted racism and inequality, unfairly imprisoning and torturing many.”

Historian Andrew Roberts hit back at the move, noting “Parents of children at Seaford School, and anyone considering sending their children there in future, need to know that the historical knowledge there is so abysmally low that the teachers believe that Winston Churchill committed crimes of which he was in fact entirely innocent.”

“Instead of trying to combat woke ignorance, they have submitted to it without trying to discover the truth. Churchill is in fact an incredibly inspirational figure for youth,” he added.

As we previously highlighted, woke academics are intent on rewriting history to paint up Churchill  as a “white supremacist” who was leading an empire “worse than the Nazis”.

This kind of revisionist history being pushed by race baiting activists who have wormed their way into the fabric of schools and universities is having real world effects, as witnessed by the boxing up of Churchill’s Parliament Square statue, as well as the Cenotaph WWII memorial in London last year during Black Lives Matter led protests.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also appointed a ‘task-force’ made up of unelected woke activists and campaigners to determine whether the capital’s statues and landmarks are ‘diverse enough’.

Winston Churchill led Britain to victory over Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, while Marcus Rashford gets paid millions of pounds to kick a ball around and promote Coca Cola.

Rashford has become a figure associated with contrived moral outrage after he missed a penalty in the European Championship final, and was subjected to racist abuse which turned out to be not from English fans on the whole, but from a minority of idiots posting on social media from other countries.


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    Black Lives Matter

    Report: 94% of 323,094 New Jobs Among S&P 100 Went to Non-Whites in Year After BLM Protests



    Information Liberation


    Corporate America reacted to the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots by embracing systemic discrimination against whites, according to a new study from Bloomberg. 

    From Bloomberg:

    Corporate America Promised to Hire a Lot More People of Color. It Actually Did.

    The year after Black Lives Matter protests, the S&P 100 added more than 300,000 jobs — 94% went to people of color.

    […] The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires companies with 100 or more employees to report their workforce demographics every year. Bloomberg obtained 2020 and 2021 data for 88 S&P 100 companies and calculated overall US job growth at those firms.

    In total, they increased their US workforces by 323,094 people in 2021, the first year after the Black Lives Matter protests — and the most recent year for which this data exists.

    The overall job growth included 20,524 White workers. The other 302,570 jobs — or 94% of the headcount increase — went to people of color.

    The only way to achieve these numbers is through proactive discrimination. 

    Nike in particular showed the most dramatic shift: 

    As I highlighted on Monday, the CEO of British Telecom giant BT is reportedly firing white employees en masse with the intention of replacing them with non-whites to “boost diversity” and potentially pocket a £220,000 bonus for hitting “diversity targets.”

    When Elon Musk bought Twitter in 2022, Twitter execs reportedly told him to fire white employees to avoid legal troubles and advance “diversity” (Musk blew off their recommendations).

    The DOJ last month also sued Musk for choosing to hire Americans over refugees and asylum seekers.

    In the wake of the BLM riots, Walmart began training employees that “white is not right,”Coca-Cola trained employees to “try to be less white” and AT&T trained employees, “white people, you are the problem.”

    Bloomberg said in their report above that no companies were willing to talk about the “progress” they made with their race-based hiring practices, possibly due to fear of being sued for discrimination. 

    Many chief executive officers are wondering if the scope of the Supreme Court’s June ruling on race-based admissions could apply to their own hiring goals.

    “We’ve seen three years later how quickly DEI is becoming deprioritized,” said LaJoie-Lubin, who no longer works in-house at a company, but still consults. “And now it’s like, ‘oh well, the business isn’t doing well, so where are we going to cut resources and investments?’ DEI and people teams.”

    Companies are reticent to talk about progress that several years ago they might have been keen to acknowledge, according to Esther Silver-Parker, an independent consultant whose previous roles included helping Walmart develop its diversity, equity and inclusion program. Mentions of diversity, equity and inclusion on earnings calls and at conferences among Russell 3,000 Index companies fell by 54% in the third quarter, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. None of the half-dozen companies with the most notable diversity gains wanted to discuss them in detail.

    “The stance is just do what we need to do and not talk about it,” Silver-Parker said. “‘Let’s fly under the radar. Let’s not call attention to ourselves. But we know we have a moral obligation and a marketplace obligation.'”

    If you were turned down for a job or fired from any of these companies for being white you have a moral and marketplace obligation to sue these companies into oblivion. 

    Multiple whites have won giant settlements in recent years from suing their employers for anti-white discrimination.

    Just three months ago, Starbucks was ordered by a jury to pay over $25 million in damages to a former regional manager they fired for being white as a sacrificial offering to BLM.

    Bloomberg’s valuable research can go straight into your lawsuit. 

    This post was originally published at Information Liberation

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    Black Lives Matter

    “Black Lives Don’t Seem To Matter When Taken By Black Lives”: Maher, Rogan Go Off



    Zero Hedge


    Joe Rogan and ‘old school Democrat’ Bill Maher have had it with progressive policies towards crime and policing, and the hypocrisy over ‘black lives’ when blacks are killing each other.

    Murders have been happening way out of control in Chicago among the African-American Community for far too long and not really reported in the same way they should be,” lamented Maher in an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience which aired on Saturday, adding “It’s amazing how black lives don’t seem to matter when they’re taken by black lives,” pointing to the MSM’s asymmetric reporting.

    “Their idea was like go in arrest the big kingpins and then we’ll clean up the city. It didn’t work at all.

    Maher then asks ‘where are the leaders of the community? The people who have such cache among those young African American men, to say ‘cut it out! What the fuck are you doing to each other?’

    (Yes Bill, it would be nice if everything was an episode of the A-Team where ex-gangsters are high-fiving each other over paint rollers as they clean up the graffiti they just made & drug dealers flush their stashes because kingpins finally spoke out).

    According to Rogan, “Austin defunded the police and refunded it far more than they defunded it because they course corrected,” adding “They realized this was not working, and we have to do something to fix it. Which makes me happy because there’s a lot of crime.” (via KanekoaTheGreat).

    “Liberalism was never ‘shoplifting is progressive,'” Maher responded. “And we weren’t interested in legalizing shoplifting, but after the George Floyd murder and riots, there was a movement to disband a lot of the police… And what happened was, of course, crime went up in certain areas, and a lot of the officers who were fired or let go, were hired as private security by the rich people, and their neighborhoods stayed safe. That wasn’t exactly a victory for Liberalism.”


    Bonus: Rogan goes off on the anti-Ivermectin crowd…

    This post was originally published at Zero Hedge

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    Black Lives Matter

    Parent Slams California School For Holding ‘No Whites Allowed’ Kids Playdate

    Hosted by the school ‘equity & inclusion committee’.



    Steve Watson


    A parent at a California elementary school has slammed officials for sanctioning a playdate for kids that essentially segregated them by race, and excluded white children.

    A flyer for the event at Anthony Chabot Elementary School in Oakland, CA notes that it is “for black, brown and API families.”

    “If your family identifies as Black, Brown, or API or are [sic] a parent/caregiver of a Black, Brown, or API student. Come hang out while we get a chance to know each other and build our community as we kick off this schoolyear [sic],” reads the invite to the event.

    Ironically it was hosted by the school ‘equity & inclusion committee’.

    Taking to social media, the parent noted “I dunno about others, but I’m genuinely upset about what ultimately boils down to a “No whites allowed” playdate.”

    “We’ll look back and cringe so hard that we tried to beat racism by segregating kids of color from white kids,” the parent added.

    “How is this productive? Why are we continuing to segregate people, let alone KIDS,” the parent also noted.


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