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Black Lives Matter

Reverend Slammed For Declaring Clapping For Dead Veteran Is ‘Cult Of White British Nationalism’

Petition created demanding Church of England remove bigoted ‘activist’



Twitter / composite

A Church of England Reverand has been blasted on social media after he claimed that an organised ‘national clap’ in commemoration of a recently deceased World War Two veteran constitutes a ‘cult of white British nationalism’.

The show of appreciation was organised for Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died aged 100 after raising £33 million pounds for the NHS in the UK.

London based Reverend Jarel Robinson-Brown didn’t share in the sentiment, however, and declared that those clapping, which included Captain Moore’s family, are white supremacists.

“The cult of Captain Tom is a cult of White British Nationalism. I will offer prayers for the repose of his kind and generous soul, but I will not be joining the ‘National Clap’,” Robinson-Brown bizarrely tweeted:

After a massive backlash ensued, Robinson-Brown deleted the tweet and stated “I offer an unreserved apology for the insensitive timing and content of my tweet regarding the clap for Captain Tom.”

He also appears to have deleted his Twitter account.

In his Twitter bio, prior to its deletion, Robinson-Brown, who is training to be a priest, described himself as an ‘activist’ who is “passionate about issues of justice, particularly in the areas of race and sexuality” and has “an interest in gender, desire and ethnicity in Late Antique Egypt”, as well as “liberation theology” and “queer theology”.

Many responding to the tweet noted that some of those ‘interests’ generally always seem to come along with virulent nastiness.

A petition has been created calling for the removal of Robinson-Brown from his post as curate of All Hallows in the City of London:

Others noted that had the race connotations been reversed, this guy would have immediately been removed from his post:

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Black Lives Matter

Activist On Sadiq Khan’s Woke Statue-Toppling Panel Quits After Anti-Semitic Posts Uncovered

Admits he’s a full on BLM activist on way out the door



Steve Watson

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A member of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s uber woke panel on ‘cultural diversity’ has been forced to step down after it was revealed that he had made anti-semitic and racist posts in the past.

The London Telegraph reports that Toyin Agbetu has quit the commission after posts were highlighted in which he wrote of an “immoral hierarchy of suffering” whereby victims of the Holocaust were “served well by Nazi hunters” in comparison to African victims of the slave trade. 


It has also been noted that Agbetu previously accused black MP Diane Abott of being “disloyal to her own community” and said another black MP David Lammy was a “poor example to Africans”.

As we reported two weeks ago, Agbetu also previously attempted to confront the Queen and demand an apology for Britain’s ‘historical injustices’.

He also has a history of vandalising statues he disagrees with, which begs the question why was this guy ever even considered for a commission reviewing statues in London?

Shaun Bailey, the black Conservative candidate for Mayor of London had demanded that Khan remove Agbetu from the commission, noting that the mayor’s “decision to give Toyin Agbetu a public post on his statue commission was concerning as much as it was dangerous.”

Bailey labeled Agbetu “a risk to the safety of all Londoners.”

Agbetu posted his resignation to Facebook, at the same time accusing Bailey of engaging in a “Afriphobic campaign” against Sadiq Khan, who is of Pakistani descent.

Agbetu wrote “I can’t take the risk that all the gains we have made re BLM unravel so I have had to make a frustrating but strategic move.”

He continued “I voluntarily decided to step back from the post before being asked, to help reduce the attacks on the important work of the commission, but I have no intention of letting such outrageous lies stand against me.”

A Khan spokesperson said that “The Mayor has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism and prejudice in any form, and all allegations of this nature are taken extremely seriously.”

Many also took issues with posts Agbetu made expressing ‘anti-vaccine’ views.

As we previously noted, several members of Khan’s commission are unelected activists with an axe to grind, and are being placed in charge of literally erasing history.

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Black Lives Matter

Poll Finds 44 Per Cent of Liberals Think Cops Killed 40 Times More Unarmed Black Men Than Actual Number

Perception demolishes reality.



adamkaz via Getty Images

A new poll highlighting the gulf between what people believe and reality has found that 44 per cent of liberals think cops kill almost 40 times more unarmed black men than the actual figure.

According to a database called “Mapping Police Violence” compiled by data experts and activists, police officers in the United States killed 27 unarmed black men by any means in 2019. 13 unarmed black men were fatally shot in the same year by cops.

However, according to a nationally representative survey commissioned by Skeptic Mag, people who describe themselves as “very liberal” or “liberal” think that the actual number of unarmed black men killed by police per year is “about 1,000.”

The 1,000 figure is just under 40 times the actual figure of 27 unarmed deaths.

“Overall, 44% of liberals guessed 1,000 or more as compared to 20% of conservatives (this calculation is based on the cross-tabs shared with me by the researcher,” tweeted Zach Goldberg.

Goldberg also explains how, “Furthermore, the average liberal respondent also thought that a clear majority of people killed by police in 2019 were black (in actuality, roughly a quarter were).”

The huge disparity in the actual number of unarmed black men killed by police and how many a significant number of liberals think were killed by police can only be explained by media messaging and moral panic.

Innumerable major U.S. cities throughout the country were rocked by violence and rioting throughout last summer as a result of the perception that black people were being indiscriminately murdered by police officers in huge numbers.

In one instance, basketball star LeBron James even asserted that black people are “literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes!”

Given rhetoric like that, which often goes unquestioned by corporate news outlets, it’s unsurprising that so many Americans are misinformed.

As we previously highlighted, people’s perception of how many fatalities COVID-19 has claimed are also completely erroneous.

A survey by research firm Kekst CNC found that the average American thought 9% of the U.S. population had died from coronavirus.

This percentage equated to almost 30 million COVID-19 deaths. The actual death toll at the time the survey was conducted was just under 155,000 deaths.


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Black Lives Matter

Why Did CNN & NBC Both Pay Leftist Capital Rioter $35,000?

BLM agitator sold footage in which he vowed to ‘burn it down’



Steve Watson


Court documents have revealed that both CNN and NBC paid leftist rioter John Sullivan $35,000 a piece for footage he shot during the storming of the Capitol building on January 6th.

Sullivan argued that he was attending the protest as a journalist to get footage to sell.

Politico reports that “Sullivan’s defense attorney even filed invoices with the court showing that CNN and NBC each paid Sullivan’s firm $35,000 last month for rights to video he filmed of chaotic scenes outside and inside the Capitol, including the deadly shooting of protester Ashli Babbitt by a U.S. Capitol Police officer.”

Sullivan also received $5,000 from a company called Left/Right Productions and $2,500 from Australia’s ABC, according to the records.

A federal magistrate judge ordered Sullivan “to end his involvement with a business he founded (InsurgenceUSA) that the Justice Department says promotes and glorifies violent protests,” the report further states.

The notion that Sullivan was just a bystander is clearly countered by his many comments on the footage encouraging violence, including repeatedly yelling ‘burn it down’.

Federal prosecutors also presented evidence that they claimed shows Sullivan taking part in the violence and destruction.

Remember that Sullivan, who has been repeatedly arrested for engaging in Antifa and BLM violence, was just one of many agitators posing as a Trump supporter at the Capitol.

He even appeared on CNN and was interviewed by Anderson Cooper in the wake of the riot.

Videographer and reporter Tayler Hansen told The Gateway Pundit that $35,000 is an abnormal amount for a network to pay a freelancer for any footage.

“With over 6 months of experience as an independent Journalist I have captured some of the most viewed and circulated media content on the internet. I have NEVER made over $1,000 on an individual video,” Hansen explained.

He added “The highest I have ever seen a news source pay for breaking news footage is $3,000. John Sullivan being paid $35,000 by CNN and NBC for ONE EVENT is criminal. An average paid journalist out of Utah makes $3,021 a month, NOT $75,000 IN A MATTER OF DAYS.”

“There is something nefarious going on here, and I intend to find out what it is,” Hansen further urged.

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