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Trump: “Joe Biden is a Diehard Globalist”

“47 years plus he was a cheerleader for NAFTA, the worst trade deal ever made”



Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Appearing before a huge crowd in Pennsylvania Monday night, President Trump described his opponent Joe Biden as a “diehard globalist” who will kill the US economy.

“Joe Biden is a diehard globalist who wiped out your steel mills, closed down your factories, killed your coal jobs, outsourced your industries, and supported every horrible terrible ridiculous trade deal for over a half a century,” Trump told the crowd of thousands.

“Think of it, 47 years plus he was a cheerleader for NAFTA, the worst trade deal ever made, and I ended it,” Trump added.
“Remember I used to say, we’re going to end and everyone smiled, they said hey look give it a shot, I got it then nobody thought I could get that thing done,” the President continued. 
“USMCA just kicked in and it’s incredible for our country less for their countries but that’s okay,” Trump boomed.
Trump added that Biden “enthusiastically voted for China’s entry into the world trade organization,” noting  “that was the beginning of the China rise, that was a disaster. They were flatlined for years and years and then bump.  Thank you very much Joe, I appreciate it,” Trump stated.
“Joe and others,  decimating your manufacturing and enriching China at your expense, you know that,” the President urged.

Elsewhere during the rally, Trump warned that Biden will prolong the pandemic if he manages to get elected:

Trump urged that Pennsylvania and other hard working cities need to be open, and that will not happen under Biden:

Trump warned that Biden is committed to killing off jobs in the city:

Trump further warned Biden would destroy industry:

The president seemed confident that wouldn’t be an issue, however, reading out his own poll numbers and declaring that it was “looking good,”:

Trump noted how Biden can’t even remember who he’s running against:

Referring to Biden putting a “lid” on events, Trump declared that Biden should be ashamed of himself for not campaigning hard enough:

During a second event in Martinsburg later in the evening (Trump held THREE rallies yesterday), Trump noted that Biden “doesn’t do these kinds of rallies because no one shows up”:

Nearby, Biden did briefly emerge from his basement, and proved Trump exactly correct, as only 20 people showed up to a field he was standing in:


UK Government To Send Private Security To Homes Of Returning Holidaymakers To Enforce Quarantine

Hired heavies will be knocking on 10,000 doors per day according to British Home Secretary



Steve Watson

KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

The British government has claimed that it intends to send private security contractors to knock on the doors of anyone returning from holidays to make sure they are quarantining upon their return, as required by law.

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced Wednesday that those returning from destinations that have not been added to the government’s ‘green list’ should expect to be checked on at their homes.

The warning comes after the government lifted international travel restrictions on Monday, allowing people to go on holiday, but with extensive caveats.

Patel claimed that 10,000 checks will be conducted every day by private contractors hired via the firm Mitie, and if people are found to be flouting quarantine or acting noncompliant, police will be called to deal with them, with the authorisation to issue fines of up to £10,000.

The government has decreed that a negative PCR test and ten day quarantine is required for anyone returning from countries it has not deemed to be completely safe to visit, including the popular destinations of The U.S., France, Spain and Greece.

Those returning will then have to take a further two PCR tests (at their own expense) and test negative to be allowed out of their houses after the ten day period.

“People will not go unchecked,” Patel threatened. adding “Significant resources have been put in place – millions of pounds – in terms of the follow-up checking of people around their testing and making sure they stay at home. It has been stepped up.”

Discouraging travel to so called ‘amber list’ countries, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News Thursday that “You’ve got to quarantine. People will come to your house to check your quarantine. It’s expensive. We’re not at the stage of saying to people, go to those places on holiday. Please don’t.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock also claimed that the door to door checks are already underway, with 30,000 being conducted last week.

Boris Johnson told MPs yesterday that visits to medium-risk destinations are only acceptable in ‘extreme circumstances’. 

The announcement came after millions of people had already booked trips to the destinations, and in many cases have already arrived there, prompting fury from travellers, airlines and booking agents.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, of Advantage Travel Partnership described the government’s actions as “typical nanny state tactics.”

She added “Surely the British public can make up their own mind if they wish to quarantine in order to visit an amber country. As long as protocols are followed, testing is in place and rules in the destination are adhered to we see no reason why we cannot be allowed to travel safely to amber destinations for leisure. Otherwise, make those amber countries red.”

In related news, it has been revealed that UK ‘Covid passports’ officially rolled out for use during international travel will eventually be used domestically to restrict the movement of the population, according to the small print on the NHS website.


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Biden’s CDC Director Says Lab Origin of COVID-19 a “Possibility”

No longer a “conspiracy theory.”



Pool via Getty Images

During a hearing on the pandemic, Joe Biden’s CDC Director Rochelle Walensky acknowledged that there is a “possibility” that the COVID-19 virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab.

After asserting that most coronaviruses have an “animal origin,” Walensky was pressed by Senator John Kennedy into addressing “other possibilities.”

“Certainly a lab-based origin is one possibility,” said Walensky.

Last week, we highlighted an open letter signed by a group of the world’s leading scientists urging further investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

As we previously noted, after spending months trying to negotiate a visit, WHO officials largely absolved China of blame for the COVID-19 pandemic after visiting a virus lab in Wuhan for just 3 hours.

In the early weeks of the pandemic, the WHO regurgitated Chinese propaganda that there was no human to human transmission of COVID and even after acknowledging there was, the health body suggested it was racist for countries to impose border controls.

Earlier this month, an independent body ruled that the WHO could have saved 3 million lives if it had urged travel restrictions earlier.

Walensky’s predecessor Robert Redfield, who served under Donald Trump, also discussed the lab leak origin of COVID during an interview with CNN in March when he said it was the “most likely” explanation.

A prominent German scientist with the University of Hamburg also released findings in February of a year long study that concludes the most likely cause of the coronavirus pandemic was a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The establishment press and social media networks have previously attempted to bury questions about the lab origin of COVID by declaring them “conspiracy theories” and censoring information, but now there are too many prominent voices making the same argument for that to continue.


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PJW Live: 3 Months Until Brits Can Go to the Pub

Big Brother will let us sit on a bench!




Boris Johnson has announced his “roadmap” for the UK to exit lockdown. Brits are rejoicing at the fact that they may be allowed to go to a pub…in 3 months.

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