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Twitter Is STILL Refusing to Unlock NY Post’s Account

The platform has told the Post that access will not be restored until all Hunter Biden coverage is completely deleted.



Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The New York Post’s Twitter account has been locked since last Wednesday, and Twitter is refusing to restore access until the newspaper deletes all posts pertaining to its Hunter Biden coverage.

Despite Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitting that it was wrong to immediately censor the Post’s tweets, the company is still blocking the account, reports Fox Business.

The Post has been unable to use the social network since last week.

“Anyone who looks at The Post’s Twitter feed can’t even see the tweets about the Biden stories, which have been replaced by messages saying, ‘This Tweet is no longer available,’” the Fox Business report notes.

“Twitter confirmed to FOX Business that the Post ‘has been informed what is necessary to unlock their account,’” including “six tweets about its reporting on 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden,” the report adds.

Twitter blocked the initial NY Post story, as well as follow ups and related stories.

The company also initially blocked other users from posting anything about the scandal, but appeared to do a 180 on the policy after backlash.

The NY Post says that Twitter told them that “While we’ve updated the policy, we don’t change enforcement retroactively. You will still need to delete the Tweets to regain access to your account.”

The newspaper claims that Twitter has not given them any indication of how their reporting violates Twitter’s terms of service, nor has it provided information on how to resolve the issue.

“Twitter hasn’t responded to an inquiry from The Post asking how it determined that the stories in question were allegedly based on ‘hacked materials,’” the Post reported.


“Don’t Be Intimidated” By The Censors – Tucker Carlson Urges Americans To Fight Back By ‘Telling The Truth’



Zero Hedge


In a brief clip of him speaking in Utica, MI, Tucker Carlson expresses his deep concern over widespread acceptance of dishonesty in public life, lamenting, “what’s true? The true things are the things that you can’t say.”

The former Fox News man rages at the lack of penalties for public figures who lie or display incompetence; contrasting this with the societal backlash against those who aim to speak their own truths, suggesting that in today’s society, “the only penalty is for noting what’s true.”

“Every society penalizes something…” In America, “it’s telling the truth.”

Drawing a parallel with foreign (banana republic) governments, Carlson recounts a recent experience in Buenos Aires that exposed the government’s dishonesty about the Argentine peso’s exchange rate. He emphasizes, “so the government lies about the value of its own currencies,” reflecting on the economic lies and falsehoods and manipulations (think non-farm payrolls jobs data revised lower every month this year for instance) of the US government.

Further into the speech, he points out the pattern of backlash he believes truth-tellers face, noting, “first they’ll tell you you’re hurting someone’s feelings… then they call you insane… the third thing they do is just criminalize telling the truth.”

He raises concerns about the role of significant U.S. institutions like the FBI and CIA, alleging they are partisan, and mentions, “when federal employees… take an aggressive position on the side of one political party, you can’t have a fair election.”

Lastly, he touches upon the 2020 U.S. presidential election, suggesting potential irregularities and fraud, blasting tech oligarchs’ influence in silencing the truth-sayers.

“If some oligarchs… spent nearly half a billion dollars to control the mechanics of the Bolivian election in 2020, we would say it’s not a legitimate election.”

Tucker closes by encouraging Americans to stand up against the censors: “don’t let them,” he exclaims, urging listeners“don’t be intimidated, your children’s future depends on your bravery.”

Watch the full speech below:

This post was originally published at Zero Hedge

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The Truth About Brand

Of course it’s political.



The media assured us claims Brand was the subject of a coordinated political attack were baseless “conspiracy theories”.

Now the political class, the media and literally *the government*, is carrying out a coordinated political attack to unperson him from all public platforms.

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Netanyahu Tells Musk He Hopes He Can Work Within The ‘Confines’ of the First Amendment to ‘Stop Anti-Semitism’ on Twitter

Musk responded by saying he’s “against attacking any group, doesn’t matter who it is.”




Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s met with Twitter/X owner Elon Musk on Monday as part of a public discussion on the dangers of artificial intelligence.

The Washington Post reported last week the meeting was going to be to discuss “anti-Semitism on X,” whereas Musk said it was going to be about AI.

Though it was mostly about AI — which Israel is seeking to take a leading role in — Netanyahu also told Musk he hopes he can work within the “confines” of the First Amendment to “stop anti-Semitism” on X.

Musk responded by saying he’s “against attacking any group, doesn’t matter who it is.”

“Obviously I’m against anti-Semitism, I’m against anti— really anything that promotes hate and conflict,” he added.

As I reported in May, the Biden White House’s first-ever “National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism” — which was developed in concert with pro-Israel groups like the Anti-Defamation League — called on “all online platforms” to ban “extremist websites,” ban “hate speech” and institute “zero tolerance” policies to protect Jews from anti-Semitism.

There’s nothing in the First Amendment about banning the criticism of certain groups or banning the promotion of “hate” and there’s nothing in there about prohibiting “hate speech.”

It was reported last month that X partnered with an Israeli digital ID company to provide premium users with an “optional” way to verify their identity by sharing selfies and their government ID.

Last week, X CEO Linda Yaccarino pledged to expand X’s censorship policies and appears to have banned multiple accounts to please the Center for Countering Digital Hate — which X is actively suing for defamation.

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