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Black Lives Matter

Trump Calls For Death Penalty For Cop Attackers

“If you murder a police officer, you should receive the death penalty!”




President Trump called for the Death Penalty for a gunman who carried out a cold blooded attack on two Sheriff’s Department deputies in LA, as sick protesters chanted “we hope they die.”

“If they die, fast trial [and] death penalty for the killer,” Trump raged on Sunday, adding “Only way to stop this.”

During his rally in Nevada, Trump repeated the call for the death penalty to be levied for cop killers:

After the video of the gunman was shared by the Sherrif’s Department, Trump declared “Animals that must be hit hard!” presumably referring to all who enact violence against police.

California law does allow for the death penalty for such a crime, should the officers not pull through. However, there has not been an execution in the state for 14 years. In addition, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a moratorium on executions last year.

Trump also slammed Joe Biden and the Democrats for enabling anti-police sentiment:

The two deputies are in critical condition according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff department, having undergone surgery Saturday night.

Reports and footage confirmed that a crowd of protesters reached the hospital’s emergency room, and were heard chanting “we hope they die.”

The sheriff’s department also tweeted that the protesters blocked entries and exits to the hospital, with some engaging in phsyical confrontations with officers:

The Sheriff’s department also confirmed that there are no known suspects at this time:

“It pisses me off,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was quoted Saturday night. “This was a cowardly act,” the Sheriff added.

There is a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the capture of the suspect:

Black Lives Matter

“Black Lives Don’t Seem To Matter When Taken By Black Lives”: Maher, Rogan Go Off



Zero Hedge


Joe Rogan and ‘old school Democrat’ Bill Maher have had it with progressive policies towards crime and policing, and the hypocrisy over ‘black lives’ when blacks are killing each other.

Murders have been happening way out of control in Chicago among the African-American Community for far too long and not really reported in the same way they should be,” lamented Maher in an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience which aired on Saturday, adding “It’s amazing how black lives don’t seem to matter when they’re taken by black lives,” pointing to the MSM’s asymmetric reporting.

“Their idea was like go in arrest the big kingpins and then we’ll clean up the city. It didn’t work at all.

Maher then asks ‘where are the leaders of the community? The people who have such cache among those young African American men, to say ‘cut it out! What the fuck are you doing to each other?’

(Yes Bill, it would be nice if everything was an episode of the A-Team where ex-gangsters are high-fiving each other over paint rollers as they clean up the graffiti they just made & drug dealers flush their stashes because kingpins finally spoke out).

According to Rogan, “Austin defunded the police and refunded it far more than they defunded it because they course corrected,” adding “They realized this was not working, and we have to do something to fix it. Which makes me happy because there’s a lot of crime.” (via KanekoaTheGreat).

“Liberalism was never ‘shoplifting is progressive,'” Maher responded. “And we weren’t interested in legalizing shoplifting, but after the George Floyd murder and riots, there was a movement to disband a lot of the police… And what happened was, of course, crime went up in certain areas, and a lot of the officers who were fired or let go, were hired as private security by the rich people, and their neighborhoods stayed safe. That wasn’t exactly a victory for Liberalism.”


Bonus: Rogan goes off on the anti-Ivermectin crowd…

This post was originally published at Zero Hedge

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Black Lives Matter

Parent Slams California School For Holding ‘No Whites Allowed’ Kids Playdate

Hosted by the school ‘equity & inclusion committee’.



Steve Watson


A parent at a California elementary school has slammed officials for sanctioning a playdate for kids that essentially segregated them by race, and excluded white children.

A flyer for the event at Anthony Chabot Elementary School in Oakland, CA notes that it is “for black, brown and API families.”

“If your family identifies as Black, Brown, or API or are [sic] a parent/caregiver of a Black, Brown, or API student. Come hang out while we get a chance to know each other and build our community as we kick off this schoolyear [sic],” reads the invite to the event.

Ironically it was hosted by the school ‘equity & inclusion committee’.

Taking to social media, the parent noted “I dunno about others, but I’m genuinely upset about what ultimately boils down to a “No whites allowed” playdate.”

“We’ll look back and cringe so hard that we tried to beat racism by segregating kids of color from white kids,” the parent added.

“How is this productive? Why are we continuing to segregate people, let alone KIDS,” the parent also noted.



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    Black Lives Matter

    Progressive Insurance Sued Over ‘Patently Unlawful’ Racism For $25K Black-Only Business Grants



    Zero Hedge


    Progressive insurance is being sued for “patently unlawful” racism over a program which awards exclusively black-owned businesses $25,000, while allegedly discriminating against businesses owned by white, asian, hispanic and anyone else who isn’t black.

    Filed in an Ohio federal court on Wednesday by the conservative group America First Legal (AFL) – which is headed by former senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller – the class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of the owner of Freedom Truck Dispatch, Nathan Roberts, claims that Progressive racially discriminated against non-black small-business owners by offering the grants to 10 “black-owned small businesses to use toward the purchase of a commercial vehicle.”

    The lawsuit claims that on May 24, Roberts – a customer of Progressive – received an email advertising “a grant opportunity for their [Progressive’s] commercial-trucking small-business owners,” but that “Progressive decided that only black-owned businesses would be eligible for these grants,” since “studies have shown how inequities have made it harder for black entrepreneurs to access capital.

    Progressive is joined by defendant Hello Alice, which it partnered with on the financial award extended to black-owned businesses with 10 or fewer employees and a turnaround below $5 million.

    The insurance company announced its 2023 winners in a Tuesday press release, which stated that “Progressive is stepping in to provide funding to Black entrepreneurs to help navigate their small business journey.”

    According to Roberts’ suit, the entire scheme was nothing more than “racially discriminatory grantmaking” with the “racially discriminatory requirement” to be black in order to qualify.

    AFL lawyer Gene Hamilton told the Daily Mail that the case was part of a larger pushback against big corporations injecting “racial considerations into every aspect of their business operations, employment practices, and so much more.”

    The lawsuit asks that the court declare Progressive’s grants illegal, and to award the plaintiffs “nominal” compensation and legal fees.

    This post was originally published at Zero Hedge

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