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Conservatives Believe Twitter Hack Has Revealed Secret ‘Blacklist’ Tools

Mysterious screenshot shows tabs labeled “SEARCH BLACKLIST” and “TRENDS BLACKLIST”.




Conservatives believe that an unprecedented hack targeting Twitter has confirmed suspicions that the tech platform is using secret ‘blacklist’ tools to shadowban certain accounts and prevent certain subjects from trending when they do not fit the company’s agenda.

The hack has affected hundreds of prominent accounts, including those of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bil Gates, Kanye West, Elon Musk, Wiz Khalifa, Apple, Uber, and Jeff Bezos, to name but a few.

Tweets purporting to be from those accounts urged people to send money to a Bitcoin address, with more than $100,000 having been sent at time of writing.

The hack is believed to have originated from a compromised Twitter employee with access to the user management panel.

Effectively, whoever did it was able to hack into a Twitter account that had access to every other Twitter account.

While there may be more fallout to come, the most interesting aspect of the hack appears to be the emergence of a partially redacted screenshot purporting to show Twitter’s internal user management panel:

Techies believe that the tool is used to alter ownership of accounts, yet was used by the hackers to gain control of high profile accounts.

The screenshot shows tabs labeled “SEARCH BLACKLIST” and “TRENDS BLACKLIST”.

Conservatives are convinced that this could be evidence that Twitter does indeed have tools to censor what Tweets and topics can be accessed through searches and what tweets appear as trends.

Twitter has also aggressively targeted accounts reposting the screenshot of the internal panel:

Others noted that Twitter’s use of the word ‘blacklist’ is ironic given that it issued a decree recently saying that it would be banning the term because it offends some people.

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Comcast Bans Laura Loomer From Sending Texts & Emails to Voters

Election meddling 101.



John Lamparski/Getty Images

Comcast and its subsidiary Xfinity has banned Republican Congressional candidate Laura Loomer from sending out texts and emails to voters in what appears to be yet another example of Big Tech election meddling.

“See video. Wow. @Xfinity/@comcast has BANNED Republican front-runner Laura Loomer from sending texts & emails to voters. This is next-level censorship,” tweeted Fox News host Pete Hegseth.

“When she wins the @gop primary on Tuesday, will the Republican Party fight for her? They’d better!”

In the video, Loomer explains how Comcast/Xfinity how Comcast in Palm Beach County has banned her campaign from sending out communications to voters by labeling them “dangerous content” and not delivering the messages.

Loomer also cites tweets from Comcast “publicly thanking” her Democratic opponent Lois Frankel, suggesting the ban is a clear example of election interference.

“Congresswoman Lois Frankel is only one of thirty one members of Congress who owns Comcast stock, so this is clear blatant election interference,” states Loomer, noting that censorship has now moved from social media networks to Internet Service Providers and telecommunications companies.

Loomer warns that the same ban could now be enforced on other Republican candidates ahead of the 2020 elections.

The Congressional candidate, who has vastly outperformed her rivals by raising more than $1.1million for her campaign, is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination although she faces a big task to win a Congressional seat in Florida that has voted Democrat since 2013.


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Twitter Labels RT As ‘State Affiliated Media’, But Ignores BBC, NPR

“Unlike independent media, state-affiliated media frequently use their news coverage as a means to advance a political agenda.”



Steve Watson


In another bold censorship move, Twitter has decided to label certain accounts as ‘state-affiliated media’, but apparently this extends only to the accounts whose content the platform does not agree with.

Accounts such as RT and Sputnik, Russian news sites, and accounts of people who work or supply content for those websites have been labeled with the tag by Twitter:

Twitter also announced that tweets from those accounts will no longer be highlighted on the home screen, in notifications, or in searches.

Effectively, it is an open announcement of a shadow ban.

The fictional film that exposed a world wide child trafficking networks was recently banned on in light of recent interest in the movie from the Wayfair and Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest.

Twitter claims it is doing this “to make the experience more transparent.”

However, state affiliated media sources that Twitter likes, such as the BBC in the UK and NPR in the US will not be affected by the move.

“State-financed media organizations with editorial independence, like the BBC in the UK or NPR in the US for example, will not be labeled,” the company noted.

Twitter further claims that “unlike independent media, state-affiliated media frequently use their news coverage as a means to advance a political agenda.”

To claim that independent media sources, such as CNN or The New York Times, for example, do not push a political agenda is laughable.

It is clear that this is yet another move by Twitter to editorialise news content, and censor content it doesn’t like.

That is made more apparent, given that Twitter says the move was made after meetings with “a number of expert groups, including members of the Digital and Human Rights Advisory Group in Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council.”

That group includes the Anti-Defamation League, the Dangerous Speech Project, and Feminist Frequency, all notorious for pushing censorship of conservative and alternative news content.

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Twitter Censors, Locks Breitbart’s Account Over Pro-HCQ Doctor’s Livestream

“Tweets with the video are in violation of our Covid-19 misinformation policy.”



Steve Watson

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Twitter continued to crack down on anyone sharing the viral video of a group of doctors touting hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a Covid-19 “cure” Tuesday, removing a tweet containing a link to the video by Breitbart News and locking the outlet’s account.

Breitbart announced that its video of America’s Frontline Doctors was removed from Twitter with the justification from the platform that “tweets with the video are in violation of our Covid-19 misinformation policy.”

“Footage of the livestream on Periscope, Twitter’s livestreaming platform, had generated 1 million views before being removed by the site.” Breitbart noted.

The outlet added that “Footage on Facebook had accumulated over 17 million views within 8 hours and had 185,000 concurrent viewers at the time it was streamed.”

“On YouTube, a clip from the event received 80,000 views before being removed by the platform for ‘violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.'” the report added.

Breitbart then found that its Twitter account had been “limited” as a punishment for “violating the policy on spreading misleading an potentially harmful information related to COVID-19”:

Twitter also censored Donald Trump Jr.’s account after he shared the America’s Frontline Doctors video.

Watch the viral video that is being censored all over the internet at

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