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Trump: “Tiny” Private Border Wall “Only Done To Make Me Look Bad”

“Should have been built like rest of Wall, 500 plus miles.”



ElFlacodelNorte / Getty Images

President Trump issued a statement Sunday claiming that a small section of border wall that has been privately funded and constructed was “only done to make me look bad”.

Trump responded to reports of the wall section going up along the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas:

Reports indicate that the wall section was put up by a group calling itself We Build the Wall.

The group raised $25 million on the back of promises to reduce drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

It seems, however, that the wall section isn’t all that good, with reports of it already ‘eroding’ and having to undergo an engineering inspection.

The report linked above indicates that The International Boundary and Water Commission and the National Butterfly Center have brought lawsuits over the wall construction.

President Trump has claimed that 240 miles of new border wall has been constructed since he took office, however that is a far cry from his campaign promise to have built a complete border wall by the end of his first term.

In addition, critics have noted that most of what has gone up is just replacement barriers for old and outdated sections of border fencing that were already there before Trump took office.

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They Just Admitted It

Reverse colonization.



They told me immigration was a net benefit and diversity was a strength.

Now they tell me it’s a punishment for colonialism.

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Migrants turn German city of Plauen into no-go zone

Another once-quiet German city is now turning into a hotspot for crime, warns the city’s mayor



Remix News

Getty Images / sack

Saxony is generally considered to have some of the lowest migrant numbers in Germany, and for years, commentators and newspapers made a point of lambasting the region’s anti-immigrant sentiment when there were few living there.

Now, the mayor of Plauen is desperate as crime and violence soar in his city due to migrants dominating the city center, harassing pedestrians and committing serious crimes, including a case of attempted manslaughter.

Mayor Steffen Zenner (CDU) says there are “repeated ugly scenes of violence and physical altercations in the middle of our city center.” 

He told the Bild newspaper that “the violence is mainly caused by migrants,” but emphasizes “that the majority of migrants living in Plauen abide by law and order.”

The first incident the mayor notes was on April 29 involving a large-scale brawl at Postplatz, which shocked those in the downtown area. Police say that Iraqi, Romanian and Syrian youths were involved, with an investigation opened into dangerous bodily harm.

Another scene of violence occurred the following week, involving a physical altercation between North Africans, Kurds and Arabs, this time in a dance hall in Plauen. The following day, the feuding parties went to settle the conflict at Postplatz, which saw a Syrian stab an Iraqi. The knife attack was nearly deadly, with emergency services barely able to save the man’s life.

In the city of 65,000, locals are increasingly avoiding the city center, according to Bild. Businesses are complaining that their sales are falling due to the violence, and employees are using back exits to avoid the crowds of migrants occupying the center. Bild now describes the area as a “no-go zone” for many living and working there.

Mayor Zenner is now calling for “upper limits on immigration, as well as European and national border security measures that are transnational and concerted.” The mayor says that 40 percent of the non-Ukrainian migrants in the city have deportation orders, but they are not being removed. Germany is well known for its lower deportation rate, even for convicted migrants. As Remix News reported in 2021, migrants with deportation orders committed 2,500 crimes in Saxony in 2020. 

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary group in Saxony says the CDU, to which Zenner belongs, is part of the problem. Saxon Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU) has repeatedly failed to deal with the crisis, according to the AfD.

Other German cities are facing similar problems involving public disorder and crime from Germany’s growing immigrant population, including the “green” university city of Freiburg, which has seen riots and scenes of violenceover the last year.

This post was originally published at Remix News

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Northern U.S. Border Encounters With Illegals More Than Double In 7 Months

“The northern border is less secure than it ever has been”



Steve Watson


Encounters with undocumented illegal migrants have more than doubled in the past seven months on the NORTHERN U.S. border, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

The figures show that Border Patrol agents recorded 4,827 migrant encounters between October 2022 and April along the U.S.-Canadian border.

Through the entire fiscal year 2022, Border Patrol along the northern border encountered 2,238 illegals.

The data also shows that of the close to 5000 who have crossed around half were from Mexico. They flew to Canada (no visa required) and then walked across the border there.

Sean Walsh, National Border Patrol Council President for the Swanton sector in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire has noted “The northern border is less secure than it ever has been and the security speaks for itself.”

“If we’re losing twelve times the amount of people just in this fiscal year alone than in the whole last year, the cartels and criminal organizations have taken advantage and exploited the border and this administration’s policies or lack of policies to address security,” Walsh added.

In March, CBP transferred agents from the southern border to the Swanton section of the northern border in an attempt to deal with the increased numbers.

Meanwhile, on the Southern border…


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