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The Wayfair Conspiracy is a Hoax

It’s a normie distraction from what’s really happening.



Alex Jones explains how the Wayfair scandal is a mockingbird distraction from what’s really happening.

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New ‘Woke’ Wonder Woman Slammed As ‘Overweight, Badly-dressed Frump’

Why is she wearing the “kind of mom-jeans worn by middle-aged mid-western chicks at Shania Twain concerts”?



Steve Watson

Variant cover by Robin Eisenberg © Twitter / @thedcnation

DC comics has continued to bow to pressure from ‘woke’ trolls online, unveiling a “variant cover of the Wonder Woman 1984” on which the superhero is overweight, has a weird purple skin colour, and sports really bad mom jeans.

The new version of Wonder Woman has seemingly also had a massive breast reduction, following complaints that the superhero’s large mammaries contributed to an overtly sexualised image that sends the wrong message to young girls.

Writing for RT, Nicholas Sheppard comments “The image exemplifies everything the comic-book industry has succumbed to in recent years – the latest example in an ongoing trend of agenda-driven identity politics, in which classic themes of heroism and sacrifice have been superseded by themes of diversity and inclusivity and the avoidance of anything that could be interpreted as problematic.”

“In place of a dynamic flowing costume, her ensemble consists of an orange boob-tube and the kind of mom-jeans worn by middle-aged mid-western chicks at Shania Twain concerts,” Sheppard adds.

“Her thighs have been rendered so large it is as if the performer Lizzo had spent the entirety of quarantine bingeing on deep-fried Mars Bars and eschewed any fitness regime beyond schlepping between the fridge and the couch,” he adds.

Critics of the variant Wonder Woman questioned why promoting obesity is somehow a more ‘body positive’ image than a fit and healthy woman:

Even the obese Wonder Woman’s body is just totally out of proportion and unrealistic:

The entire concept of Wonder Woman was that she was descended from Amazonian goddesses:

The author of the new Wonder Woman attempted to offset criticism of the image by suggesting it represents an alien who is cos-playing as Wonder Woman.

Yeah, OK. Whatever.


This is not the first time the woke mob has attempted to take down Wonder Woman.

In 2016, after the UN made Wonder Woman an “ambassador” for empowering girls and women, the basement dwellers through a fit and put together a petition to overturn the move, complaining that the comic book character is “A large-breasted white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit with an American flag motif and knee-high boots.”

The petition worked after garnering over 40,000 signatures, and Wonder Woman was stripped of her ambassador honour.

This is also part of a woke trend by DC comics, which recently commissioned a graphic novel called Gotham High, which changed the Batman story into a teen high-school drama. They even made Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred gay, giving him a Southeast Asian husband.

Perhaps the most cringe inducing move in graphic novel history, however, came earlier this year when Marvel introduced a group of characters called ‘the New Warriors’.

The comic series focuses on a pair of twins who identify as ‘non-binary’ and are named ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Safespace’.

Marvel seems intent on totally bankrupting itself by going full woke.

Three years ago, Marvel VP of Sales, David Gabriel blamed poor sales on the obsession with promoting diversity and woke culture.

Since then, Marvel has set about destroying many of its established characters, or altering their race and sexuality.

Where exactly is this woke superhero shit all leading?

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Video: DNC Uses Duplicate ‘Fans’ During Kamala Harris Livestream

“Apparently, the DNC couldn’t even find 30 people who were excited about Kamala Harris”



Steve Watson


In a bizarre move, the DNC appeared to duplicate members of a livestream audience to fill out the screen during Kamala Harris’ speech.

Following Harris’ speech, which leftist talking heads gushed over, dropping any pretence of bipartisanship, admitting that it ‘made them cry’, The DNC cut to a shot of individuals watching online.

However, critics noted that some of the individuals seen clapping like sealions were duplicated, apparently in an effort to make it appear that there were more excited Democrat voters watching.

Deputy Director of Communications for the Trump campaign Zach Parkinson tweeted, “Apparently, the DNC couldn’t even find 30 people who were excited about Kamala Harris, so they had to duplicate someone’s Livestream (sic).”

Could the Democrats really not find 30 people to fill up a Zoom conference call?

Even leftists admit that the DNC has been so monumentally awful, that it is actually giving President Trump a boost in approval numbers:

Rasmussen Reports noted that they have “triple-checked” the numbers and have found that Trump’s job approval is “up sharply”:

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11-Year-Old Black Child Made $1K Selling ‘N-Word Passes’ to White Friends at School

White parents tried to make adopted kid woke, failed.



Jonathan Kirn/Getty Images

The woke white parents of an adopted 11-year-old black child were shocked to discover that he had made over a thousand dollars selling ‘n-word passes’ to white kids at school.

A woman going by the name of ‘Mortified Mom’ told Slate that she and her husband, who are both white, adopted a 5-year-old girl called Taylor and an infant boy called Martin. The children, who are both black, are now 11 and 16-years-old.

The mother relates how “we’ve done our best to have honest, age-appropriate discussions on race, our privilege, and how messed up the systematic oppression and racism in our country is.”

Apparently, they failed.

Being the budding entrepreneur that he is, 11-year-old Martin devised an ingenious revenue-generating scheme – he would sell ‘n word passes’ to his fellow middle school students for $25-$50 a pop.

Unfortunately for Martin, his money making venture was rumbled when he tried to sell one of the passes to his sister’s friend, prompting his sister to grass him up to his parents.

“My husband and I are shocked and angry, and we don’t know what to do,” said the anguished foster mom. “Martin’s actions must have made his fellow Black classmates upset and uncomfortable, and I feel like a horrible mother and person.”

After the mom asked for advice on how to punish the child, respondents to the article suggested that the kid needs a “black man in his life” and that the money should be donated to Black Lives Matter or another “anti-racist” organization.

“That’s one way to redpill a child before high school: hand over his hard-earned money to undeserving Marxist criminals and rioters in the name fighting his own oppression,” comments


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