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The Truth About Social Distancing

That’s not social distancing!



The same world leaders now demanding we follow “social distancing” were, as little as 3 weeks ago, encouraging people to congregate in huge crowds.


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After Inauguration, Conservatives Begin Holding Biden Responsible For Every COVID Death

Following rules set by Democrats.



Drew Angerer via Getty Images

Following rules set by Democrats, after Joe Biden’s inauguration, conservatives have immediately begun holding him responsible for every future COVID death in America.

“Biden said during his campaign that Trump was responsible for every American who died from coronavirus,” tweeted Ryan Saavedra. “Biden will be held to the same standard.”

“It’s official: Joe Biden is now directly responsible for every COVID death. These are the rules,” remarked Caleb Hull.

Saavedra is right. The media, Democrats and Biden himself repeatedly blamed Trump for COVID deaths and held him personally responsible for a pandemic which originated in China.

During the debates, Biden said 200,000 Americans had died because of Trump’s approach to fighting the pandemic, asserting, “It is what it is because you are who you are.”

Trump was held personally responsible for each death despite closing the border to China as early as January, when many Democrats were still saying it was ‘racist’ to do so.

So under rules set by Democrats, the sitting president is responsible for every single COVID-19 death.

Now it’s time for Biden to take responsibility.

Indeed, the Washington Free Beacon has already launched a ‘BIDEN COVID DEATH TRACKER’ to chart how many Americans die from coronavirus on Biden’s watch.

“CNN will likely stop counting, so the Free Beacon is picking up the slack,” states the website.

Biden has vowed to launch a “100 day mask challenge,” although the measure is purely symbolic because it is completely unenforceable on a state by state basis.


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Video: China Builds Massive COVID Detention Camp

Nothing to see here, just a Communist super state building a massive detention camp



Steve Watson

Yang Shiyao/Xinhua via Getty Images

Footage has emerged of a huge quarantine facility being built in China to house people infected with coronavirus, and presumably anyone else the state deems to be a COVID threat.

The time lapse video shows a sprawling complex in the province of Hebei being fully completed within a week.

The camp, on the outskirts of the city of Shijiazhuang is said to contain more than 4000 ‘isolation suites’, which resemble shipping container like cells.

Xinhua/Yang Shiyao via Getty Images

The bars on the windows are probably to keep people out… right?

Xinhua/Yang Shiyao via Getty Images

Reports indicate that more than 20,000 local villagers in the area have already been quarantined in isolation facilities since the beginning of the year.

This photo taken on January 16, 2021 shows residents undergoing Covid-19 coronavirus tests at a makeshift testing centre inside a residential compound in Shijiazhuang, in northern Hebei province, as part of a mass testing programme after the province declared an “emergency state”. (Photo by STR / CNS / AFP) / China OUT (Photo by STR/CNS/AFP via Getty Images)

Chinese state media organisation CCTV toured the inside of the facilities:

Nothing to see here, just a Communist super state building a massive detention camp.

SHIJIAZHUANG, CHINA – JANUARY 19: Aerial view of Chinese characters reading ‘cheer up’ on the roof of prefabricated rooms at the construction site of a centralized quarantine site during the COVID-19 pandemic on January 19, 2021 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province of China. (Photo by Ren Quanjun/VCG via Getty Images)
SHIJIAZHUANG, CHINA – JANUARY 19: Workers at the construction site of a centralized quarantine site with a total of 3,000 prefabricated rooms amid the coronavirus outbreak on January 19, 2021 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province of China. (Photo Ren Quanjun/VCG via Getty Images)

It won’t happen here though… right?

The idea of camps to detain COVID dissenters isn’t so far fetched in Germany, where it is actually being openly implemented, in the wake of new mutant strain being discovered and an expected super lockdown being announced, to include the suspension of all travel within the country.

Authorities in numerous different areas of Germany have outlined where they will incarcerate those who break lockdown laws or refuse to self-isolate after catching COVID.

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Barrage Of New Countries And Airlines To Adopt Vaccine Passports

New York Times admits schemes could lead to “a dystopic system that would limit the rights of people who have been careful to avoid infection and are unable or unwilling to be vaccinated”



Steve Watson

Michele Ursi / Getty Images

Several more countries have indicated that they are to adopt vaccination passports, meaning anyone crossing their borders will need to be able to prove they have been inoculated against coronavirus.

It is being reported that the South African government is working on implementing an entire Covid-19 vaccine ‘ID system’, which will not only encompass the so called ‘passports’, but will also include “management and surveillance of the Covid-19 vaccine,” as well as “an integrated track-and-trace system,” and “a dashboard system… to capture the reasons given for vaccine refusal.”

The country’s COVID battle has come under scrutiny in recent weeks with a purported super ‘mutation’ of the virus being discovered there.

The South African Department of Health has announced that all citizens who are vaccinated will be placed on a national register and provided with a vaccination card.

Meanwhile, in Europe, another country has indicated it will adopt the vaccination passport scheme with Ukrainian health officials announcing that all vaccinated people will be entered into an electronic health care database.

“When mandatory vaccination passports are introduced at the international level, Ukrainian doctors will be able to promptly issue a certificate of vaccinations,” said chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Liashko.

Another country said to be mulling the introduction of COVID passports is Russia. The New York Times reported that “The Russian government is considering issuing coronavirus health certificates that could ease travel and commerce for people who have been vaccinated.”

The Times quoted the head of the Russian Parliament’s committee on public health, Dmitri Morozov, who said that a Covid passport was “very important and needed.”

“This is great, this is the new world,” Morozov reportedly stated.

The Times also noted that “A regional governor in Russia, Radi Khabirov, proposed on Monday that Covid passport holders receive discounts at stores, as an incentive for people to obtain the certificate.”

The report also noted that “President Vladimir V. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, said on Tuesday that the government is considering issuing Covid passports.”

After the Times report was published, Russian state media denied that a COVID passport scheme to limit travel had been discussed by Peskov or the Kremlin.

“We are far from a unified point of view on this subject right now, there are no consistent approaches or a consensus on this subject,” Peskov said, but added that “this subject is circulating, it’s being worked out.”

Interestingly, while the likes of the New York Times has reported on other countries adopting the COVID passports, in its coverage of Russia potentially doing the same, it paints a much darker picture, stating that “Opponents fear a dystopic system that would limit the rights of people who have been careful to avoid infection and are unable or unwilling to be vaccinated.”

“Russia has a grim history rooted in the Soviet era of controlling citizens’ movements, through a residency permit system that was never fully abolished,” the Times report continues.

So when Russia do it, it’s bad, but when other countries do it, it’s part of restoring ‘open society’. Hmmmm.

COVID lockdown rulebreakers in Germany will be arrested and detained in refugee camps located across the country, it has been revealed.

While scores of countries are now slowly moving toward the implementation of vaccination passports, airlines appear to have fully embraced the idea and essentially already have them in place.

Emirates airlines has announced that it will be trialling the IATA Travel Pass ‘digital passport’ which shows passengers’ proof of Covid-19 tests and other entry requirements when flying.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer said that “While international travel remains as safe as ever, there are new protocols and travel requirements with the current global pandemic.”

“We have worked with IATA on this innovative solution to simplify and digitally transmit the information that is required by countries and governments into our airline systems, in a secure and efficient manner,”Al Redha continued, adding “We are proud to be one of the first airlines in the world to pilot this initiative, which will provide an enhanced customer experience and conveniently facilitate our customers’ travel needs.”

As we reported last November, the IATA, the world’s largest air transport lobby group, expects its COVID travel pass app to be fully rolled out in the first months of 2021.

Other airlines, including United Airlines and Cathay Pacific have already trialled the IATA’s scheme.

Meanwhile, American Airlines has reportedly partnered with biometric authentication provider VeriFLY to develop its own COVID passport app, which will be rolled out within days.

“We support the implementation of a global program to require COVID-19 testing for travelers to the United States, and we want to do everything we can to make travel a seamless experience for customers,” Julie Rath, the vice president of customer experience at American Airlines, said in a statement.

Virgin Atlantic owner Richard Branson has also thrown his weight behind the vaccination passport idea, telling CNBC he hopes that soon “there will be a proof-of-vaccination piece of paper that people can use to be able to get on a plane without having to be tested or without having to quarantine.” 

“Vaccination is everything. Once vulnerable people, in particular, have been vaccinated, I think all kinds of businesses can start opening up again: restaurants, travel companies, cruise companies,” Branson declared.

The narrative of adopting vaccination passports is now so ubiquitous that it would be surprising not to see them adopted world-wide, despite the fact that even the World Health Organisation has warned that such schemes should absolutely not be implemented while there is no proof that vaccinations can provide immunity to coronavirus.

“Being vaccinated should not exempt international travellers from complying with other travel risk reduction measures,” the WHO committee stressed during its meeting held on January 14.

Others have warned that the adoption of vaccination passports will inevitably lead to a two-tier society, and must be prevented.

“The immunity passport could become a ‘passport for privilege,’ accentuating the divide between those who already have a comfortable position in society and those on the margins,” warns Dr Israel Butler, Head of Advocacy, at the Civil Liberties Union for Europe, Liberties.

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