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Leftists Freak Out After ICE ‘Tank’ Spotted In Queens




“People feel terrorized”

The sight of an armored vehicle in Queens last week belonging to a branch of ICE had leftists all in a spin, as some suggested, wrongly, it was there as an ‘occupying force’ to arrest illegals.

The armored personnel carrier, (not a tank) surrounded by ICE agents, and even a gunner, was seen on Forest Avenue near Norman Street in the Queens neighborhood of Ridgewood.

The Ridgewood Tenants Union, a leftist organization, freaked out without checking the facts first:

They even accused ICE of inspiring terror:

“People feel terrorized,” said Raquel Namuche, an organizer with the Ridgewood Tenants Union. “This happened right across from a youth program for children as young as four-years-old and there seemed to be no safety protocols in place. For people to leave their homes early in the morning and see a tank out on the street is just wild.”

Again, it’s not a tank, it’s a BearCat tactical vehicle acquired last year by the Homeland Security Investigations unit.

It’s to stop federal law enforcement from being shot and killed by dangerous criminals.

Gothamist noted that the vehicle was used in an operation to arrest a man suspected of smuggling and illegally selling weapons:

An ICE spokesperson confirmed that one individual was taken into custody on an unspecified criminal arrest warrant. A spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio said the agents were there as part of a federal investigation into a firearms suspect, who was allegedly found to have been hoarding “about 50 guns, including a machine gun, gun parts and ammunition.”

The snowflake freak out didn’t end there, however:

Councilmember Antonio Reynoso also expressed frustration about the incident, pointing to constant fear in immigrant neighborhoods about the potential for raids and deportations. “I do not understand what necessitated ICE’s use of a tank other than the simple desire to instill fear amongst our community members,” he said in a statement to Gothamist. “At this time, we must ensure that residents are connected to resources like the Immigrant Defense Project so that they are equipped to know their rights against ICE.”

It’s not a fucking tank.

It wasn’t being used to arrest illegal immigrants.

Put down the Twitter and take a walk outside.

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Rand Paul Highlights Vote Fraud, Predicts Big Tech Will Censor Him; Big Tech Censors Him

Paul pointed to reported “data dumps” that were carried out in the dead of the night



Steve Watson

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Senator Rand Paul found himself on the end of a dreaded Twitter red label Sunday after he highlighted evidence of voter fraud in multiple states where President Trump “lost”.

Paul pointed to reported “data dumps” that were carried out in the dead of the night and early hours of the morning in four states, linking to a an article titled “Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020.”

The Senator predicted that Twitter would censor his post, which it did soon after he posted it:

The Senator’s comments come on the heels of a judge in Georgia ordering the wiping and reseting of voting machines, erasing any remaining election fraud evidence state-wide:

President Trump vowed Sunday to continue to fight ‘125%’ to save the integrity of U.S. elections:

Infowars continues to highlight the multitudes of weird and unchecked irregularities that prove Joe Biden could not have won in the disputed states:

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Tucker: Election ‘Rigged’ By Media Letting Biden Hide

Carlson reels off grim list of corporate lobbyists and globalists Biden is hiring



Steve Watson


Tucker Carlson slammed the leftist media Thursday for ‘rigging’ the election by letting Joe Biden hide throughout the entire campaign without asking any meaningful questions about his policies or intentions.

Declaring it as possibly “the single most dishonest thing that has ever happened in American politics,” Tucker charged that the media, driven by its hatred for President Trump, enabled Biden to go an entire year without answering basic questions.

“What does Joe Biden believe? What are his plans for our country?” Carlson asked, adding “we still don’t know the answers to those most basic questions” because “Biden made it through an entire presidential campaign, most of the year, without telling us.” 

 “A partisan press corps let him get away with it,” Carlson urged.

“If you’re looking for election rigging, there you go. Tens of millions of people voted for a candidate who wasn’t real. They voted for a ghost with a whitened smile,” Carlson continued.

“They had no idea who this man was. They had no idea who they were voting for, or what he might do if he got elected. But at the urging of the media, they voted for him anyway. And so now the rest of us get to find out what they voted for,” he lamented.

Carlson then suggested that a Biden’s administration will resemble “the HR department at a large left-wing multinational, heaps of woke authoritarian social policy mixed with a corporatist economic agenda.”

“The rest of us will get stern lectures about our moral failings – those never end – while a small group of highly connected people will get even richer,” Tucker warned.

Carlson added that it will be akin to “Jeff Bezos and the Google guys [taking] over the entire U.S. government” despite the fact that  “effectively they [already] have.”

Carlson then reeled off a list of corporate lobbyists and globalists that Biden is hiring, painting a grim picture for America over the next four years, should Biden wiggle his way into the White House.

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Rand Paul On Biden Secretary Of State Pick: ‘I’m Going To Ask Him To Apologize For Supporting Iraq War’

“It’s back to those who believe that we should militarily intervene abroad in a big way”



Steve Watson


Senator Rand Paul stated Tuesday that he will ask Tony Blinken, Joe Biden’s pick for secretary of state, to apologize for supporting the war in Iraq.

“On foreign policy, I am very worried that there will be a big shift, and it’s back to those who believe that we should militarily intervene abroad in a big way,” Paul said during a Fox News interview.

“You have neoconservatives on the right who want to intervene for geopolitical reasons, but then you have liberals, like Blinken and Samantha Power and others, who want to intervene for ‘humanitarian’ reasons,” Paul added.

“They want to send our armies and our young men and women around the world. And I think Blinken is a bad choice,” Paul asserted, before noting that Blinken even supported the war in Iraq.

“I’m going to ask him if he’s going to apologize for his support of the Iraq War and what lessons he learned from it, whether he still believes regime change in the Middle East is a good idea, which it was not a good idea. It was not a good idea in Libya either or in Syria,” Paul emphasised.

“I don’t think Biden or Blinken have really fully understood that. And I actually do think President Trump really did get that, that regime change in the Middle East hasn’t made us stronger,” Paul said.


While Blinken is being hailed by some legacy media outlets as something akin to the second coming, others have pointed out that he is a dyed in the wool globalist.

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