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Hillary Is The Frontrunner: Polls Have Clinton In Dead Heat With Biden, Beating Trump



‘Queen’ Clinton heckled at massive rally in Texas

Two new polls seem to confirm that Hillary Clinton is the de facto Democratic frontrunner, and the overall leader in the Presidential race for 2020, as the 2016 loser held a huge rally in Texas on the same night President Trump held a rally in Kentucky.

new poll from Harvard Harris finds ‘crooked’ Clinton in a dead heat with ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden in a hypothetical match up, even though Hillary has not officially declared she is running, despite repeatedly teasing the idea.

The survey asked Democrat voters “Suppose Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry decides to enter the race, who would you support as a candidate for President?”

Joe Biden scored 19 percent, with Clinton racking up 18 percent. Elizabeth Warren rested in third with 13 percent, with Kerry on 8 percent, and Bloomberg at 6.

The poll found that essentially, if Hillary were to announce she is running, she would instantly take half of Biden’s support and become the joint front runner.

Meanwhile, a second poll, from Fox News, suggests that Hillary would beat Trump in a hypothetical match up 43% to 41%.

Fox News Poll, October 27-3… by Fox News on Scribd

The poll also shows Biden beating Trump 51% to 39%, Warren at 46% to 41%, and Sen. Bernie Sanders at 49% to 41%.

However, some noted that the results of such polls should be taken with a pinch of salt given that practically every poll was completely incorrect in 2016.

Hillary continues to act as if she is running, holding another huge rally this week in Texas.

Clinton took to the stage to Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”(Ironic given that she could barely stand during the 2016 run) with former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards moderating the event.

“There’s nothing easy about what we’re going to be trying to accomplish in the next 365 days,” Hillary said, adding “So we can’t get discouraged, we have to be resilient. We have to get up every morning and keep working as hard as we can. Register everybody you know to vote, and make sure they do vote.”

Clinton was confronted during the event by a protester who asked whether Juanita Broaddrick or Paula Jones qualify as ‘gutsy women’, the theme of Clinton’s latest book.

Meanwhile, outside the event, Alex Jones was present in an armored vehicle with his bullhorn.

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Leftists Freak Out After Biden Calls For Prosecution Of “Arsonists And Anarchists”

“This is a dangerous statement that threatens everyone’s political speech.”



Steve Watson


Joe Biden angered some leftist extremists Wednesday, as he specifically addressed rioters in a statement, condemning “violence and destruction of property,” and calling for the prosecution of “arsonists and anarchists”.

While his statement largely condemned President Trump, Biden’s call for the punishment of ‘anarchists’ didn’t please… well anarchists.

‘Democratic Socialists of America’ in Portland also weighed in, arguing that “Anarchists are valued members of our big tent organization.” and Biden’s words constitute “a dangerous statement that threatens everyone’s political speech”:

Antifa made its feelings clear on Biden’s statement too:

This highlights how Trump is correct in his warnings that Biden is beholden to extreme leftists.

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Soros Has Pumped $50 MILLION (So Far) Into 2020 Democrat Election Campaigns

Already $30 million MORE than in 2016.



Steve Watson


A report from the Washington Free Beacon notes that Billionaire elitist George Soros has pumped more than $50 million into Democrats’ election campaigns for 2020, a record amount, and around $30 million more than he spent in 2016, with over three months still to go.

The report notes that Soros created a ‘Democracy’ PAC in 2019, and that Federal Election Commission figures show the PAC distributed almost $17 million in last the quarter alone.

This means that Soros has pumped in $48 million to leftist groups.

That figure is more than Amazon, Facebook, Boeing, and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, the report notes.

The report adds that Soros has also pledged $4 million directly to Democratic campaigns and committees, outside of the PAC. This means that the $22 million Soros spent in 2016 has been more than doubled this time around.

The direct $4 million includes hundreds of thousands going to the DNC-led Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund, and the Biden Victory Fund, according to the figures.

The fact that Soros diverts the money through the PAC and groups within the Open Society Foundation network means that his name is kept off the top of donation lists. However, anyone taking more than a cursory look at where Democratic money is coming from can see that Soros is funding a huge chunk of the operation.

Earlier this month, in an interview with The New York Times, Open Society Foundations President Patrick Gaspard announced that the organisation, headed by billionaire George Soros, is to “double down” on funding “black-led justice organizations”.

The interview was accompanied by a press release from the Open Society declaring that “The largest share of this support—$150 million—will be through a set of five-year grants to Black-led justice organizations that helped to create and now sustain the momentum towards racial equality.”

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Absurd Lawsuit Claims Tucker Carlson Sexually Harassed a Woman by Taking His Jacket Off on Set

Fox News guest claims she was “tied to her chair” because her microphone was connected to it.



Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty Images

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is facing an absurd MeToo-style lawsuit after a former guest on his show claimed she was ‘sexually harassed’ by the sight of Carlson changing into a leather jacket while on set.

The retaliation lawsuit, which also targets Sean Hannity and Ed Henry, was filed by former Fox Business Network producer Jennifer Eckhart and former FNC guest Cathy Areu.

In the suit, Areu claimed she was “tied to her chair” while Carlson demanded she stay until the very end of the show to chat with him.

In reality, Areu wasn’t ‘tied to a chair’ – her microphone that she had just used to speak on the show was attached to the chair.

Elsewhere in the lawsuit, Areu appears to be suggesting that Carlson changed in front of her while she was “tied to her chair.”

In reality, the Fox News host merely changed into his leather jacket as he prepared to attend a Christmas party.

Areu then suggests that Carlson propositioned her by stating he would be alone in New York City that night at a hotel without his wife and kids.

As commentator Mark Dice points out, this could easily have been deliberately misconstrued to hide the reality that Carlson was merely expressing that he missed his wife and kids.

The lawsuit also appears to be motivated by Areu’s bitterness that Carlson invited her onto his show less frequently in 2019 and 2020.

In summary, the lawsuit just looks like another lazy attempt to smear Carlson, the host of the biggest news show in America, who has already proved impervious to ad boycotts and claims of advocating white supremacy.


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