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Dan Crenshaw Suggests Criticism of Israel is Not Protected Under the First Amendment

Groyper war on Conservative Inc. continues.



Congressman Dan Crenshaw suggested that criticism of Israel should not be protected under the First Amendment during an event last night.

Crenshaw was asked about federal laws that demand contractors in America sign a pledge that they will not boycott Israel.

The audience member also drew attention to a law passed by the state of Florida which prohibits anti-Semitism in public schools and universities throughout the state but is written to conflate “anti-Semitism” with criticism of Israel.

“These laws are obviously flagrant and troubling violations of the First Amendment to free speech,” said the questioner.

“Will you honor your oath and denounce these laws here, now and forever?” Crenshaw was asked.

Crenshaw immediately accused the questioner of “cloaking yourself in the First Amendment” as an excuse to engage in “vehement anti-Semitism.”

The Congressman then said he would “reveal” the “intentions” of the questioner “because I know who you guys are.”

Crenshaw then accused the questioner of “advocating the BDS movement,” which was unrelated to the direct question about the First Amendment.

The question was asked as part of the ‘Groyper War’ currently being waged on mainstream conservatives.

Groypers mainly consist of zoomer conservatives, labeled white supremacists by their detractors, who are frustrated at what they called ‘Conservative Inc.’ for their blind support for Israel and their weakness on immigration and the LGBT political agenda.


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Video: Biden Says Trump Is “Sort Of Like” Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels

Goebbels helped carry out the systematic murder of more than six million Jewish people



Steve Watson


Democratic candidate Joe Biden sparked fury at the weekend by directly comparing President Trump to the chief Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

“He’s sort of like Goebbels,” the former vice president said in an appearance on MSNBC, adding “You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge.”

Biden made the comment after host Stephanie Ruhle said that “One of the things he says over and over is that you will push a socialist agenda.”

“You’ve said it very clearly, you are not a socialist. And you actually have a record to prove that you’re not. But what the president does, he says you are, he says it twice as often and twice as loud,” Ruhle commented.

“Trump is clearing protests in front of the White House that are peaceful, you know, with the military,” Biden also claimed during the interview, noting that “This guy is more Castro than Churchill.”

When Biden compared Trump to a literal Nazi murderer, the MSNBC host provided zero push back.


Elsewhere during the interview, Biden completely lost his train of thought while speaking:

President Trump, meanwhile, has suggested that Biden should take a drug test before the first debate:

Trump reiterated Sunday that he is not joking, noting that he watched previous Democrat debates where Biden was clearly “out of it”.

“People say he was on performance-enhancing drugs; a lot of people have said that, a lot of people have written that,” Trump said.

When asked Sunday if he will take a test by a reporter, Biden refused to answer:

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Biden Says Voters Don’t Need to Know Who His SCOTUS Pick Will Be

“They will if I’m elected.”



JIM WATSON/Getty Images

Joe Biden says that voters don’t have the right to know who his Supreme Court nomination will be until after he wins the presidency.

The exchange happened during a campaign stop earlier today when Biden accused Donald Trump of trying to change the subject by focusing on who the former Vice President would pick to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Should voters know who you’re going to appoint?” Biden was asked.

“No they don’t but they will if I’m elected, they’ll know in plenty of time,” he responded.

The remark is likely to prompt a wave of criticism given that the identity of any potential nominee will become a defining factor of the last 6 weeks of the election cycle.

Meanwhile, President Trump announced that he would be announcing the name of his candidate on Saturday.

“I will be announcing my Supreme Court Nominee on Saturday, at the White House! Exact time TBA,” he tweeted.

Trump’s shortlist has been reduced to five, with the favorite being Amy Coney Barrett since her nomination would be seen as the least controversial.

Democrats are desperate to delay the nomination until after the presidential election in November.


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Video: Professor Lectures Students Not To Vote For ‘Dictator’ Trump

Has not been fired yet



Steve Watson

Thanit Weerawan / Getty Images

A Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) Professor was apparently caught on video lecturing students that they should not vote for President Trump in November, claiming that he is taking away fundamental rights and turning America into a “dictatorship type situation”. The College has not fired the professor, only ‘reassigning’ her until an investigation is concluded.

It is claimed that Women Studies lecturer Janet Gulla was secretly filmed by a student ordering the class to “look into their heart” and not vote for Trump.

“For four years because that’s what people say, ‘Give him a chance, give him a chance’ Well he’s had four freaking years of a chance and he’s done a crap job and he’s really ruining our country,” the voice on the recording, apparently Gulla’s, is heard saying.

“If any of you do think Trump, you know is a good person, I beg you to not only go into your heart’s center and think about this a little more,” Gulla continues.

“Pull up all the stuff that he’s been doing to our country. Taking away so many of our rights, trying to turn this into more of a you know, dictatorship type of situation,” the Professor adds.

The recording emerged on Facebook last week, reportedly posted by the father of the student who recorded it.

The poster wrote “This was my daughter’s humanities teacher on the second day of class at Suffolk community college!!!! This is complete bull**** and not what we are paying to send our kids to school for!!! Professor Janet Gulla you have no business telling these kids who to vote for and we will be calling the school tomorrow!!! You should be terminated on the spot!!!”

SCCC Director of Communications Drew Biondo told reporters that an investigation is underway and that Gulla has been reassigned.

In a statement, Biondo noted that “Suffolk County Community College encourages any open and diverse discussion and exchange of ideas. The College does not, however, condone electioneering by faculty in the classroom.”

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