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Video: Trump Tells Hecklers To ‘Go Home To Mom’



“Don’t hurt them, please, they don’t know who they’re dealing with”

During a speech in Pittsburgh Wednesday, President Trump was interrupted by hecklers and protesters who he promptly told to ‘go home to mom’, while asking security not to hurt them.

Speaking at the Shale Insight Conference in Pittsburgh, Trump paused when a group of rabid protesters got into the room and began yelling.

“They don’t know who they are dealing with,” Trump told the cheering crowd as he began to bang the side of his lectern.

“Don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them, please. They don’t know they’re dealing with very tough people in this room.” The President added, before further berating the protesters.

“Go home to mom. Explain to mom that you tried to take on very powerful people, and many of them physically as well as mentally.” Trump bellowed, adding “It’s not a good thing to do, not in this room, be careful. Make sure you don’t hurt them – please!”

Video captured the protesters being taken out of the building:

Trump was touting his administration’s energy policies during the appearance at at the Marcellus Shale Coalition conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Noting that he has cut regulations and bureaucracy to make it easier for the natural gas industry, Trump warned that such progress may be ended if Democrats win the next election.

“What (Democrats) would do to you would be unthinkable,” he said. “What they would do to this incredible profession you are in and this segment of the economy would be terrible.”

Trump said that a return to policies similar to the Obama administration’s would result in “massive layoffs, exploding energy prices and a massive gift to our adversaries.”

“Our vision is 100 percent different from theirs – ours is pro-worker, pro-jobs, pro-family, and 100 percent pro-American.” the President added.

Outside the convention center, Trump supporters and riot police clashed with anti-Trump protesters:

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Leftists Freak Out After ICE ‘Tank’ Spotted In Queens



Steve Watson

“People feel terrorized”

The sight of an armored vehicle in Queens last week belonging to a branch of ICE had leftists all in a spin, as some suggested, wrongly, it was there as an ‘occupying force’ to arrest illegals.

The armored personnel carrier, (not a tank) surrounded by ICE agents, and even a gunner, was seen on Forest Avenue near Norman Street in the Queens neighborhood of Ridgewood.

The Ridgewood Tenants Union, a leftist organization, freaked out without checking the facts first:

They even accused ICE of inspiring terror:

“People feel terrorized,” said Raquel Namuche, an organizer with the Ridgewood Tenants Union. “This happened right across from a youth program for children as young as four-years-old and there seemed to be no safety protocols in place. For people to leave their homes early in the morning and see a tank out on the street is just wild.”

Again, it’s not a tank, it’s a BearCat tactical vehicle acquired last year by the Homeland Security Investigations unit.

It’s to stop federal law enforcement from being shot and killed by dangerous criminals.

Gothamist noted that the vehicle was used in an operation to arrest a man suspected of smuggling and illegally selling weapons:

An ICE spokesperson confirmed that one individual was taken into custody on an unspecified criminal arrest warrant. A spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio said the agents were there as part of a federal investigation into a firearms suspect, who was allegedly found to have been hoarding “about 50 guns, including a machine gun, gun parts and ammunition.”

The snowflake freak out didn’t end there, however:

Councilmember Antonio Reynoso also expressed frustration about the incident, pointing to constant fear in immigrant neighborhoods about the potential for raids and deportations. “I do not understand what necessitated ICE’s use of a tank other than the simple desire to instill fear amongst our community members,” he said in a statement to Gothamist. “At this time, we must ensure that residents are connected to resources like the Immigrant Defense Project so that they are equipped to know their rights against ICE.”

It’s not a fucking tank.

It wasn’t being used to arrest illegal immigrants.

Put down the Twitter and take a walk outside.

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Trump Cancelling Government Subscriptions to ‘Fake News’ NYT and Wa. Post



Steve Watson

“We don’t even want it in the White House anymore”

President Trump has proposed a plan to cancel all government subscriptions to the New York Times and the Washington Post, saying that it will save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving—hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will be saved,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in an email to the Wall Street Journal‘s Andrew Restuccia.

The proposal comes in the wake of the president canceling the White House’s subscriptions to the print versions of the newspapers, calling them ‘fake news’.

“We don’t even want it in the White House anymore,” Trump said of the Times during an interview with Hannity earlier this week.

“We’re going to probably terminate that and the Washington Post. They’re fake.” Trump added.

The WSJournal reported that a White House official has indeed confirmed that print editions of the Times and the Post were not delivered to the White House on Thursday.

The impact on the newspapers is sure to be significant, for example The New York Times receives around two-thirds of its revenue from subscriptions.

Both newspapers have profited massively from opposing Trump’s presidency.

Meanwhile, the Times via Paul Krugman suggested this week that Trump and his supporters will start using “mob” tactics such as “roughing up the witnesses” called to testify in impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill.

Krugman suggested that the Republican interruption of the closed impeachment hearing would be followed up, and that House Democrats should start “thinking about precautions” because “anything is possible.”

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Paul: Investigate Democrats Over Ukraine Letter



Steve Watson

“If you’re going to condemn Trump, you need to condemn the Democratic senators.”

Senator Rand Paul has called for an investigation into Democrat Senators who wrote a letter last year to officials in Ukraine requesting information on Trump campaign officials.

“If anything’s consistent here, both parties have tried to involve themselves in Ukraine,” Paul said on Meet The Press.

“If you’re going to condemn Trump, you need to condemn the Democratic senators,” he added. “It shouldn’t just be one-sided.”

The Democratic Senators, Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Dick Durbin of Illinois, and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, wrote to Ukraine’s prosecutor general in 2018 seeking assistance from the country in the Mueller investigation.

Paul noted that reports suggest the Senators threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine should they not cooperate.

“Everybody is going after President Trump. Someone needs to actually, in an objective way, evaluate a letter from four Democrats that said to Ukraine, if you don’t keep investigating Trump, we will reconsider our bipartisan support for aid.” Paul stated.

“That’s a threat and that’s the same kind of stuff they’re accusing Trump of,” Paul urged.

Paul further suggested that his choice would be not to give Ukraine any aid at all in any case.

“I wouldn’t give them any aid, we don’t have any money, we’re borrowing that money from China to send it to Ukraine,” he insisted.

“I would say ‘we don’t have the money.’ Let’s take care of stuff at home, let’s build roads and bridges in America not over there.” Paul added.

Elsewhere during the interview, Paul voiced his opposition to involving US troops in conflict between Kurds in Syria and Turkey.

“This is a hundred year old war between the Turks and the Kurds. Realize the president is asking is it in our national security interest to somehow figure out how the Kurds can live with the Turks?” Paul declared.

“Turkey was coming in one way or another and 50 soldiers would simply be in the way, and be a tripwire to a much worse outcome. And so I think the president was right in moving 50 soldiers out of the way of an onslaught of tens of thousands of Turkish troops.” Paul also noted.

“Once the Turks said they were coming, it would have been foolish to leave 50 soldiers in the wake of tens of thousands of people coming across the border.” he added.

“The question we have to ask is, and I have to ask, am I going to send the sons and daughters of America and mothers and fathers, and I’m to send them there to die to try to figure out how the Kurds and the Turks can get along?” Paul pondered.

“I don’t see that in our national interest. And we should vote on it. We should vote on it in congress and declare war if that’s what people want.” the Senator further urged.

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