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Trump Slams ‘Crazy’ And ‘Enraged’ Democrats Who ‘Hate Our Country’ At Dallas Rally




Says Biden amassed wealth through “you-know-what and pillage”

President Trump addressed thousands at a MAGA rally in Dallas last night, unloading on Democrats, calling them ‘dumb’ and ‘crazy’, and declaring that they “hate our country”.

Trump drew upwards of 20,000 to the American Airlines Center, as rabid crowds chanted ‘four more years!’ when the President ensured them that his Democratic rivals “won’t come close” to defeating him in next year’s election.

“I really don’t believe anymore that they love our country,” the president said, adding that instead “They hate our country.”

Trump said that Democrats under ‘crazy’ Nancy Pelosi have become “hateful and enraged” and are actively “destroying this country”.

He accused Pelosi of being trigger happy with subpoenas as part of a witch hunt against him.

Trump declared that Pelosi “hands them out like it’s cookies.'”

“I have people getting subpoenas I’ve never heard of! I said, ‘Who are those people?'” Trump noted.

Turning to Joe Biden, Trump proclaimed that the former Vice President has amassed personal wealth through “you-know-what and pillage”.

“It’s the ‘R’ word. ‘You-know-what’ and pillage. You know what word I’m talking about, right?” he said, referring to the word ‘rape.’

“I don’t want to use it because they’ll say it’s a horrible word that Trump used,” the president added, gesturing to the press.

Trump also addressed gun grabber Beto O’Rourke, calling him ‘dumb’ and charging that he “tone-deafly pledged to revoke the tax-exempt status of many churches and religious charities after saying ‘We’re going to take your guns away.”

“In a few short weeks, [he] got rid of guns and got rid of religion,” Trump roared, adding “that doesn’t work in Texas”, much to the delight of the crowd.

Trump even managed a shot at Hillary Clinton, bellowing “Where are those emails, Hillary?”

“They may find those 33,000 emails! They’re still looking. They may find those deleted emails!” Trump mocked.

Watch the entire performance below:

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Video: Biden AGAIN Says Millions Of Americans Have Died From Coronavirus

“It’s estimated that 200 million people have died—probably by the time I—finish this talk”



Steve Watson

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

For at least the third time, Joe Biden has claimed that millions of Americans have died from the coronavirus.

During speech honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sunday, Biden blamed President Trump for the spread of the virus and stated “It’s estimated that 200 million people have died—probably by the time I—finish this talk.”

Then literally seconds after making the wildly inaccurate statement, Biden said that six million people have been infected.

If 200 million people had died of the virus, it would equate to around two-thirds of the country.

This is going beyond mere gaffe territory now, as Biden has made similar climbs on multiple occasions.

In May he claimed that the virus had cost the “Lives of millions of people, millions of people”:

One month later in June, Biden said that 120 million Americans had died:

President Trump commented “That’s a serious error. That is not a permissible type of error. There is something going on.”

“It’s wonderful to say I feel sorry or that’s too bad, because I do, except we are talking about the presidency of the United States, and it is just not acceptable,” Trump added.

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Four Months Later: Pelosi Condemns Rioting

“It’s what happens when you realise your internal poll numbers are through the floor”



Steve Watson


Almost four months after the worst rioting and looting in history took hold in practically every major city in the US, the majority of which are run by Democrats, Nancy Pelosi finally said something about it.

“We support peaceful demonstrations. We participate in them. They are part of the essence of our democracy. That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting,” Pelosi said Thursday, adding “They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness.”

Note, that Pelosi did not mention BLM or Antifa, or name any group responsible for the destruction.

Many expressed the same theory about why Pelosi suddenly decided to address the matter:

Indeed, a series of new polls reveals that the majority of Americans believe there is a war being waged against police officers, and that support for the ‘black lives matter’ movement has dropped even further, with many more now seeing little distinction between the movement’s ‘protests’ and violent riots.

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Senator Kennedy: ‘There Are Times When I think Pelosi Has Eaten Tide Pods’

Says Speaker is “bone deep down to the marrow foolish”



Steve Watson


GOP Senator John Kennedy used a startling cultural reference to portray his belief that believes Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is crazy, saying that he often thinks she has ‘is one of those people who tried Tide Pods’ laundry detergent.

Appearing with Sean Hannity, Kennedy was addressing Pelosi’s obsession with the $3.4 trillion coronavirus bill.

“Sean, with respect, there are times, particularly recently, when I think Speaker Pelosi is one of those people who tried Tide pods,” Kennedy hilariously stated.

“I want you to think about what she proposed today, this is what the speaker is threatening to do,” he continued, adding “She is threatening to keep the House Democrats in session and prevent them from going home and running for reelection unless the Senate Republicans agree to the speaker’s $3.4 trillion coronavirus bill.”

“On the one hand we can vote for Pelosi’s $3.4 trillion bill or we can agree to allow her to put the House Democratic majority into jeopardy. That’s just bone deep down to the marrow foolish,” Kennedy urged.

Kennedy further emphasised that Nothing is going to get done while the Democrats refuse to back down over something that is never going to come to fruition.

“Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi aren’t going to agree to anything until we agree to spend a trillion dollars bailing out New York and California and that’s not going to happen in your or my natural life,” Kennedy added.

Kennedy’s assessment of Pelosi’s sanity comes on the heels of Mad Money Host Jim Cramer calling Pelosi “crazy Nanncy” right to her face, before instantly apologising:

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