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Instagram to Remove Photos of ‘OK’ Hand Sign as Hate Speech

Users could be banned for posting them.



Instagram will begin removing photos of people displaying the ‘OK’ hand sign and possibly banning users who do so under the company’s new hate speech rules.

“We remove photos of hate speech or symbols, like swastikas or white power hand signs,” states the company’s ‘report’ function.


The moral panic over the ‘OK’ hand sign began as a 4chan troll to trick the media into believing it was secret code for white supremacy, and of course they immediately fell for it.

It originally came to prominence in a political context during the 2016 presidential campaign when Donald Trump kept inadvertently displaying it while making a point.

Since then, the symbol has been adopted by actual extremists but the vast majority of people who display it in photographs do so innocently.

That doesn’t matter to Facebook-owned Instagram, which as we reported last month, is also blurring out images of women at gun ranges, saying the photos violate “violence or dangerous organization guidelines.”

Back in May, Facebook slapped a Trump supporter with a 30 day ban for doing the ‘OK’ hand sign in a photo.

As we reported earlier this year, a school in Chicago spent over $50,000 dollars replacing a year book because some students displayed the ‘OK’ hand sign.

In a report about a Chicago Cubs fan who was banned for flashing up an ‘OK’ sign during a television broadcast, NBC News blurred out the image of the ‘offensive’ hand gesture.

Gay, liberal atheist British television presenter Stephen Fry was even accused of dog whistling for white supremacy because he did the OK hand sign to promote mental health awareness.


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Video: Twitter’s Dorsey Admits Censorship Mob-Rule Is Used On Platform

“We rely upon people calling that speech out”



Steve Watson

Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images

As hearings took place before Congress on Big Tech’s use of Section 230 to censor content, the most interesting revelation came from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who seemed to admit that the platform relies on outrage mobs to flag up posts that are then deemed to be ‘misinformation’.

Dorsey made the admission as Senator Rick Scott was questioning him, noting “We don’t have a general policy around misleading information and misinformation… We rely upon people calling that speech out.”


Twitter users provided a helpful translation:

While Dorsey admits to the censorship mobs at Twitter, the fact that he recently went on the record with his disapproval infers that he doesn’t have full control over the actions of the platform:

Alex Jones breaks down how the CEO of Spotify and Jack Dorsey are against the leftist censorship mobs

Elsewhere during the hearing, Senator Ted Cruz declared that Twitter, Facebook and Google pose the “single greatest threat to free speech in America and the greatest threat we have to free and fair elections.”

Cruz asked Dorsey if he believes Twitter has the ability to influence election outcomes, to which Dorsey replied “no”… an answer Cruz described as “absurd.”

“If you don’t think you have the power to influence elections, why do you block anything?” Cruz asked.

Dorsey admitted that “more accountability is needed.”

Cruz then asked Dorsey “Who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear?”

Elsewhere, Dorsey admitted that Twitter has no evidence that the New York Post reports on Hunter Biden were ‘Russian disinformation’, and that they censored them anyway:

Dorsey also admitted that under Twitter’s twisted ‘misinformation’ rules, The US President’s tweets can be censored, where as Iran’s ayatollah cannot be prevented from questioning the Holocaust:

After the hearings were over, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed Dorsey, calling him a “partisan and a hypocrite,” as well as laying into Democrats, noting that “Not a single Democrat Senator defended free speech or freedom of the press today.”

“This should terrify Americans,” Crenshaw added:

It appeared that President Trump was also watching the hearings:

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Leftists Cry And Moan To Spotify As Alex Jones Appears On Joe Rogan Podcast

Nancy Pelosi’s kid, journalists for censorship, and an army of bedwetters demand action



Steve Watson


Leftists were triggered Tuesday as Infowars guru Alex Jones was able to appear on a big tech platform without being censored or banned.

Jones was once again a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, however, it was the first time Jones has appeared since Rogan moved to Spotify, prompting scores of butthurt leftists to immediately begin lobbying the streaming service to take down the episode.

The Independent complained that “Rogan and Jones appeared in a photo that showed them failing to practise social distancing,” before noting that “critics called out Spotify for hosting Jones via the episode when he is supposed to have been banned from the platform.”

Christine Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s kid, claimed that “Alex Jones posted death threats against me. He called Sandy Hook a hoax and harassed mourning families. Now he is lying about covid vaccines. His hate speech is not just vile – it’s dangerous. WTH Spotify?”

Pelosi picked up on posts from “free speech activist” Nathan Bernard, who seemed to be exclusively calling for Jones’ and Rogan’s free speech to be shut down:

As soon as they heard that Jones was on the podcast, Leftist “reporters” began harassing Spotify demanding to know why Jones isn’t banned

CNN’s resident bed wetter also got in on the act:

Aside from spewing their usual vitriol against Jones, Soros propaganda arm Media Matters also went after Comedian Tim Dillon, who appeared alongside Jones and Rogan on the podcast, insinuating that he is a racist for expressing disdain over Democrat efforts to defund police.

Other leftists cried to Spotify, threatening to cancel their accounts, along with the hashtag #cancelspotify, which is highly ironic given that a large portion of Jones and Rogan’s conversation centred around cancel culture:

Cry some more…

Given that Jones’ last appearance on Rogan was the most listened to podcast in a decade, Spotify is likely not all that worried about these 14 snowflakes canceling:

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Report: Hunter Biden Story Was Most Read On Social Media Despite Attempts To Kill It

Big Tech censorship doesn’t work



Steve Watson

DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images

Despite efforts by Twitter and Facebook to completely censor the bombshell New York Post story concerning Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell”, it was the most popular political topic on those platforms, according to a report from Axios.

The report cites data supplied by social media engagement tracking firm NewsWhip, which revealed that the Post’s story “generated 2.59m interactions (likes, comments, shares) on Facebook and Twitter last week — more than double the next biggest story about Trump or Biden.”

This was despite the fact that Facebook cracked down on users sharing the story, and Twitter censored the link to the initial NY Post story, as well as follow ups and related stories, and locked the accounts of anyone who attempted to share it.

The New York Post’s Twitter account is STILL locked, as Twitter is demanding deletion of all tweets related to the story.

The Axios report also notes that five of the ten most popular stories last week were about the Hunter Biden revelations, or the attempted censorship by Facebook and Twitter.

Indeed, the censorship of the story almost overtook the actual story itself in terms of interaction.

“Behind the Biden story itself, Facebook and Twitter’s response to the report was the second biggest topic last week,” the report states, adding “The backlash largely came from the right, which accused the tech platforms of meddling in the election through inappropriate censorship.”

The report also highlights that the Hunter Biden story was the 6th-most engaged article this month, only behind huge news such as Trump testing positive for COVID-19.

According to the figures, 83% of the interactions concerning the Hunter Biden story happened on Facebook, with 17% on Twitter.

This all goes to prove that attempted censorship by big tech only amplifies scrutiny of the issue at hand.

Perhaps they need a more bold move?

Alex Jones breaks down the Dems’ final solution to steal the presidential election by using the internet killswitch.

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