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Ted Cruz Slams PolitiFact For Claiming Beto’s Plan to ‘Take the Guns’ Was False

Fact checking the fact checkers.



Ted Cruz slammed fact checking website PolitiFact for previously claiming that Beto O’Rourke’s plan to “take our guns” was false following Beto’s assertion last night that, “Hell yeah, we’re going to take your AR-15!”

Back in March, PolitiFact “fact checked” a lyric in a Ted Cruz primary campaign song which proclaimed Beto “wants to take our guns.”

PolitiFact reported that Beto had “not called…for government agents to take guns from law-abiding residents.”

However, during last night’s Democratic debate Beto did precisely that.

“Hell yeah, we’re going to take your AR-15!” Beto proclaimed.

“Just a reminder, when I said it, PolitiFact (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DNC) rated “Beto wants to take our guns” as FALSE. Maybe they should buy one of his new t-shirts,” tweeted Cruz.


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Rand Paul Names The Whistleblower, Demands Testimony



Steve Watson

“Eric Ciaramella needs to be pulled in”

Rand Paul demanded Wednesday that the “whistleblower” linked to Democrats’ impeachment inquiry should be pulled in for testimony, and used his actual name, becoming the first Senator to publicly do so.

Paul warned a week ago that he would release the name, and made good on the promise, saying that CIA officer Eric Ciamerella is a “person of interest” who should be brought before Congress as a “material witness” in the impeachment inquiry.

When asked by radio host Vince Coglianese “Is it your understanding, Senator, that Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower?” Paul replied “I think Eric Ciaramella needs to be pulled in for testimony and then, I think, it will be ultimately determined at that point.”

“I think he is a person of interest in the sense that he was at the Ukraine desk when Joe Biden was there, when Hunter Biden was working for the Ukrainian oligarch. So simply for that alone, I think he’s a material witness that needs to be brought in.” Paul continued.

“The other question is, while the whistleblower is protected from being fired and from retaliation and, I think, from court proceedings, the whistleblower is not protected from being asked who gave him information. Because we can’t have a country where the private contents of the president’s phone calls are leaked to people who are not supposed to be in that loop. And so I think all these questions have to be asked.” Paul also said.

The Senator also noted that the whistleblower statute was not intended to “have criminal trials of people and people put before the penalty of criminal justice without being able to hear from their accusers.”

Paul warned that Adam Schiff, who refuses to even acknowledge he knows who the whistleblower is, will attempt to prevent Ciaramella from testifying.

Schiff’s staff knew about the whistleblower’s report before it was filed. Paul said he wants answers about Ciaramella’s ties to the Democratic Party and Schiff in particular.

“In the Senate, I will be advocating — if it comes to the Senate, we haven’t had a vote yet on what the rules will be. By a simple majority, we can make the rules in the Senate and we should make the rules such that the president is allowed to call all his witnesses. And then, ultimately, it is up to the president. He needs to call and tell us who he wants to have brought in as witnesses.” Paul urged.

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Hillary: ‘I want To Retire Trump’; ‘I Feel A Sense Of Responsibility’



Steve Watson

Again hints at 2020 run

Two time presidential campaign loser Hillary Clinton again hinted at a third attempt for the White House in multiple interviews this week, even saying that she ‘feels a responsibility to retire Donald Trump’.

Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live that she feels under “enormous pressure” to consider a 2020 White House run.

“I feel a sense of responsibility partly because you know my name was on the ballot, I got more votes, but ended up losing to the current incumbent in the White House who I think is really undermining our democracy in very fundamental ways. And I want to retire him.” Hillary enthused.

When directly asked if she was considering running in 2020, Hillary replied “I say never, never, never say never.”

“I will certainly tell you. I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.” Hillary added.

In a separate interview, Hillary also said she thinks “all the time” about being President, and what could have transpired had she not lost to Trump.

“I think about what I would have done as president all the time … because it distresses me to see what’s happening now.” she proclaimed.

“But I’m supporting the process. I’m helping any candidate who asks for help,” she claimed, “because my goal is to retire our incumbent and get our country back and get on the right track, so that’s what I’m going to be focused on.”

In a further interview with the BBC, Clinton whined about her favorite topic, Russian election interference, saying “I’m dumbfounded that this [UK] government won’t release the report about Russian influence, because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens.”

Repeating her tired conspiracy theory, Hillary declared “That should be an absolute condition, because there is no doubt, we know it in our country. We’ve seen it in Europe, we’ve seen it here, uh, that Russia in particular is determined to try to shape the politics of western democracies, not to our benefit, but to theirs.”

Clinton’s remarks will once again fuel speculation that she will join the race, with some presidential polls also having recently found that the ‘crooked’ one would be an instant front runner if she does.

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Rand Paul: Trump “Has Every Right To Withhold Aid”



Steve Watson

Every politician in Washington is trying to manipulate Ukraine to their purposes.

Senator Rand Paul argued Sunday that President Trump is within his rights to to withhold aid from any country that he believes corruption is taking place in, and that charges of quid pro quo against the White House are misplaced.

Transcripts from the House impeachment inquiry have revealed that several administration officials believe Trump tied military aid for Ukraine to the nation opening investigations into Joe Biden and the 2016 election.

“I think we’ve gotten lost in this whole idea of quid pro quo,” Paul said on NBC’s “Meet The Press”.

“If you’re not allowed to give aid to people who are corrupt, there’s always contingencies on aid.” Paul continued.

“Even President Obama withheld aid, you know, he was supposed to give lethal aid. Congress said, ‘Give them $300 billion in lethal aid,’ and he sent them blankets.” Paul said.

“Presidents since the beginning of time have resisted Congress and there’s been this sort of back and forth jockeying over what is sent. But also, presidents have withheld aid before for corruption. I think it’s a mistake to say, ‘Oh, he withheld aid until he got what he wanted.'” The Senator added.

“If it’s corruption and he believes there to be corruption, he has every right to withhold aid,” Paul urged.

However, Paul, who will act as a juror in the Senate trial if Trump is impeached by the House, also argued that it is a “mistake” for the Trump administration to argue that the president didn’t engage in a quid pro quo.

“Every politician in Washington other than me, virtually, is trying to manipulate Ukraine to their purposes.” he said.

“Menendez tried it, Murphy tried it, Biden tried it, Trump’s tried it — they’re all doing it. They are all trying to manipulate Ukraine to get some kind of investigation, either end an investigation or start an investigation.” he declared.

Paul also noted that he opposes aid to Ukraine altogether.

“I wouldn’t give them the aid because we don’t have the money,” the senator said. “We have to actually borrow the money from China to send it to Ukraine, so I’m against the aid and I think it’s a mistake to do the aid so I wouldn’t have played any of these games.”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has argued that the transcripts from the hearings actually exonerate Trump.

“These transcripts are actually … good for the president,” Grisham stated last week.

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