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Philosopher Warns Linking Human Brains to Computers Could Lead to “Totalitarian Mind Control”

Slavoj Zizek says the prospect is “pretty horrifying.”



Linking human consciousness to a computer cloud with the capability of reading everyone’s thoughts simultaneously could lead to “totalitarian mind control,” warns philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

With fears growing that artificial intelligence will eventually dominate and maybe even exterminate humanity, Zizek, the senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, is sounding the alarm.

Zizek pointed out that MIT has already developed a “helmet” that can read your thoughts and reproduce them in writing or an artificial voice.

While such technology appears harmless if it is voluntary, Zizek asks what would happen if it was deployed “without you knowing it?”

“The next step in this “utopia” will be a computer that can read my thoughts and your thoughts that can connect us so that we can share our thoughts. If you and I are connected through the same computer, I can literally participate in your thinking directly without any external communication like word typing,” he writes.

Zizek said he found the prospect of this mass shared consciousness “pretty horrifying” because it would totally destroy freedom of thought and individuality.

He provides two mundane examples of how such technology would ruin basic human interaction.

“All flirting will be out. I meet someone and instead of all the lovely games of erotic hints she can read ‘I want to go to bed with you’ and the eroticism will disappear.

Another simple example is everyday politeness. Let’s say we know each other but we are not mega-close friends. I see you on the street and say the usual polite things like: “hello, how are you? I am glad to meet you.” But if you can read my mind this is nonsense because this is politeness and I do not mean it. Usually, I do not care how you feel.”

As we have previously documented, futurists like Ray Kurzweil have openly stated their plans to achieve the singularity by uploading their brains to computers and escaping death.

In his book, the Age of Spiritual Machines, Kurzweil made clear that such technology will not be available to the general public, who will at best live on as a slave class to the elite.


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Democrat Intel Senator: “Trump Was Right” About TikTok

“All of that data that your child is inputting and receiving is being stored somewhere in Beijing.”



Steve Watson

Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The top ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee warned Sunday that TikTok is a national security threat and that President Trump was right to want to ban it in 2020.

Committee Chairman Senator Mark Warner told Fox News Sunday “I think Donald Trump was right, I mean, TikTok is an enormous threat, it’s a threat on two levels.”

“One, it is a massive collector of information, oftentimes of our children. They can visualize even down to your keystrokes. So If you’re a parent and you’ve got a kid on TikTok, I would be very, very concerned,” Warner explained.

He added, “All of that data that your child is inputting and receiving is being stored somewhere in Beijing.”

“The idea that we can somehow separate out TikTok from the fact the actual engineers writing the code in Beijing I think is a — The Justice Department’s trying to come up with a solution. I’m going to take a look at that solution, but they’ve got a huge mountain to climb,” the Senator further noted.

“The second problem is that TikTok in a sense is a broadcasting network.” Warner continued, adding “And if the Chinese Communist Party and TikTok at the end of the day has to be reliant on the Communist Party, the Chinese law states that.”

“If they suddenly want to dial up the fact that we’re going to decrease the content that criticizes Chinese leadership but increase the content that your kids may be seeing saying, hey, you know, Taiwan really is part of China, that is a distribution model that would make RT or Sputnik or some of the Russian propaganda models pale in comparison,” he further stated.

Earlier in the broadcast, Republican Senator Tom Cotton warned that China is lying about claims that it stores Americans’ TikTok user data in the United States with backups in Singapore.

“There have been reports indicating that that data is accessible in mainland China. That TikTok, a Chinese company, is subject to communist China’s laws and that TikTok is one of the most massive surveillance programs ever, especially on America’s young people,” Cotton stated.

“It’s not just the contents you upload to TikTok but all the data on your phone and other apps, all your personal information, even facial imagery, even where your eyes are looking on your phone,” Cotton added.

“That’s why I’ve encouraged every American, if they’re using TikTok, to delete it from their phone if they can, to get a new phone all together,” The Senator further warned.

The Chinese-owned video app, which is notorious as perhaps the most censorious in existence, has previously allowed fake news about Trump resigning to go viral, has censored videos that make fun of Dr. Anthony Fauci, has removed videos that highlighted inconsistencies in Amber Heard’s testimony, and has also threatened to censor criticism of Joe Biden.


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    Just Kidding! CBS News Resumes Twitter Posts After 40-Hour Tantrum



    Zero Hedge


    It only took 40 hours for CBS News to realize what absolute morons they’d been to stop posting on Twitter over “security concerns” with the platform.

    “After pausing for much of the weekend to assess the security concerns, CBS News and Stations is resuming its activity on Twitter as we continue to monitor the situation,” the news organization’s communications team tweeted Sunday morning.

    The outlet announced on Friday that they would be pausing its activity on the social media platform “out of an abundance of caution,” which was apparently no longer an issue by Sunday morning. The massive virtue signal marked perhaps the most significant organization to protest the threat of free speech at the Musk-owned social media giant – after multiple advertisers announced that they would be pausing ad spending amid the chaos of locked-out employees and fired executives.

    Musk took Twitter private on Oct. 27 – firing the senior management team and appointing himself as CEO, before then firing 50% of the company. On Nov. 17, hundreds of Twitter employees resigned after Musk set a deadline for workers to agree to “extremely hardcore” working conditions.

    According to VarietyCBS News was particularly concerned about the security of information on Twitter, as key personnel related to that area had departed.

    The news outlet has been closely watching the situation to see if any of Twitter’s critical functions break down and whether Twitter is susceptible to hacking attacks.

    The mass employee exodus from Twitter — now with a headcount estimated to be less than 2,500, down from 7,500 prior to Musk’s $44 billion acquisition — has escalated fears that the platform may start to break down operationally. -Variety

    The decision by CBS News comes after Musk reinstated former President Donald Trump’s account following a 24-hour poll.

    The responses, as expected, have been hilarious.

    This post originally appeared at Zero Hedge

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    CBS News Stops Posting On Twitter Out Of “Abundance Of Caution”



    Zero Hedge

    Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    Amid reports that Twitter’s mass-layoffs will ‘break’ the platform, allowing ‘free speech types’ to run amok, CBS Newshas stopped posting on the social media giant out of an “abundance of caution.”

    In a Friday announcement during the evening broadcast of “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell,” the network’s national correspondent, Jonathan Gigliotti, said: “In light of the uncertainty around Twitter and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News is pausing its activity on the social media site as it continues to monitor the platform.”

    Elon Musk Trolls Haters TWEETING En Mass That Twitter Is Dead

    As Fox News notes,

    Coverage began with the network reporting on the mass resignations of employees offended by Musk’s “ultimatum” from earlier this week. In his quest to streamline the company, the world’s richest man emailed all employees asking them to commit to an “extremely hardcore” workload or leave the company.

    The “ultimatum,” as many disgruntled folks called it, prompted backlash from onlookers who trashed the company under Musk, some calling it a “hellscape.”

    The ensuing chaos from Musk’s email, as well as the general vitriol generated by him taking over the reins of company, did not sit well with CBS News. 

    And as Adweek notes, the move will affect all CBS-owned properties, including local news outlets.

    On Thursday, Twitter was hit with mass layoffs after many employees refused to accept Musk’s new demand, which would have required them to work for long hours at “high intensity.”

    The departure of those employees resulted in speculation that the website would become more unstable and could potentially cease functioning.

    Fortunately, none of that has come to pass, but the uncertainty following Twitter has caused one news organization to take action. -Adweek

    Tens of fans are crestfallen, we’re sure.

    Meanwhile over at Twitter alternative Mastadon;

    This post was originally published at Zero Hedge

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