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Obama’s Harvard Professor: Trump Is a ‘F*****g Racist’; Wants to ‘Reverse Outcome of the Civil War’




“If you’re silent, you’re complicit”

Long time anti-Trump professor Laurence Tribe called the President a “fucking racist” Wednesday, and declared that Trump wants to “reverse the outcome of the Civil War.”

Tribe linked to a Daily Kos hit piece, which declared that Trump was racist for suggesting he is looking into ending US birthright citizenship, meaning that babies born in the country wouldn’t automatically become US citizens.

“Over half a million lives were lost in that sacred cause.” Tribe tweeted, referring to the Civil War.

“If you agree we can’t let this lunatic get away with that, SAY SO!!! If you’re silent, you’re complicit.” the Constitutional Law professor also stated.

Tribe is a fervent anti-Trumper. He even teaches a class at Harvard dedicated to the “impeachment and removal by other means” of President Trump.

Tribe, who was Barack Obama’s law professor, has repeatedly called for Trump to be impeached, has labeled the President ‘dangerous’, and even charged that Trump could fabricate ‘another national emergency’ specifically with the goal of staying in power in 2020.

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Singer Morrissey Dropped By Record Label; Claims Reason Is ‘Diversity’

“The word ‘talent’ is notably never mentioned”



Steve Watson

Jim Dyson/Getty Images

British rock legend Morrissey has been unceremoniously dumped by his record label, with the singer claiming the company has “new plans for ‘diversity’” instead of continuing to work with him.

Morrissey has more recently been vocal in his opposition to ‘woke’ political correctness, and has voiced support for issues like Brexit, much to the annoyance of leftists.

There is little doubt that the move by BMG Records, which is for the most owned by Sony Corporation, is a response to Morrissey’s political views.

The company can certainly not have any complaints about Morrissey’s records sales, given that his last album reached number one in several countries, while hitting number 3 in the UK, and number 18 in the USA.

The lyrical content of the album, titled ‘I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN’, however, probably did irk woke record execs.

In a statement on his website, Morrissey announced that all “projected BMG Morrissey releases/reissues have been scrapped.”

“BMG Records have dropped Morrissey,” the post read, adding “BMG have appointed a new Executive who does not want another Morrissey album.”

“Instead, the new BMG Executive has announced new plans for ‘diversity’ within BMG’s artist roster, and all projected BMG Morrissey releases/reissues have been scrapped,” the statement continues.

The singer, who has also just released an archival recording featuring David Bowie, noted that “This news is perfectly in keeping with the relentless galvanic horror of 2020,” adding “We would be critically insane to expect anything positive.”

“My three albums with BMG have been the best of my career, and I stand by them till death,” Morrissey added.

“Recording them has been a pivotal period in my life, and I thank the previous BMG team and everyone involved for that. It’s still important to me to do music my own way, and I wouldn’t want to be on a label that dictates so specifically how their artists should behave – especially when the word ‘talent’ is notably never mentioned,” he further urged.

BMG UK president Alistair Norbury was quoted as saying that “There are too many cases of successful artists languishing at labels who are no longer interested in them.”

“BMG has released three exceptional Top 10 albums from Morrissey over the last three years. This includes some of the best works of his career. The deal for the three albums is now over,” the company further told reporters.

A year ago, the former Smiths singer offended the outrage mob by asserting that diversity is not a strength because “everyone has ideas that will never correspond”.

“British mainstream media is now so politically correct that basic truth is actually impossible, and although it is obsessed with promoting social diversity they will not accept diverse opinion,” he also asserted last year.

He also stated “If borders are such terrible things then why did they ever exist in the first place? Borders bring order.”

Responding to accusations of racism over previous comments about islamic extremism, Morrissey responded “If you call someone racist in modern Britain you are telling them that you have run out of words. You are shutting the debate down and running off. The word is meaningless now.”

For the last decade, Morrissey has sought to undermine the sacred cows of the progressive left, which is why he is relentlessly attacked by the media.

But he remains one of a rare breed of music industry celebrities who these days is virtually extinct – an authentic individual who refuses to self-censor to please the authoritarian hate mobs that control popular culture.

The left has tried to cancel Morrissey on numerous occasions. Back in May, a rail company in Liverpool, UK said it would remove posters advertising Morrissey’s new album across its network because one offended idiot complained.

The world’s oldest record store also banned sales of Morrissey’s music earlier this year.

However, Moz’s fanbase is so loyal and his legacy so etched in popular music history that he can never be toppled.

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Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten: “Of Course I’m Voting For Trump”



Steve Watson

Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

Sex Pistols and P.I.L. frontman John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, confirmed he will vote for President Trump’s reelection in November, reasoning that he does not ‘want a politician running the world’, and angering leftists in the process.

While Lydon is British, he also has US citizenship, meaning he is eligible to vote next month.

The ‘Pretty Vacant’ singer told the BBC he’s “definitely” voting for Trump, noting “He’s an individual thinker, I’ll give him that for a start.”

“He’s not the most lovable fellow on God’s earth, but I cannot see the opposition as offering me anything by way of a solution,” Lydon added.

In a further interview with The Guardian, Lydon said “I’d be daft as a brush not to,” vote for Trump, claiming that the President “really is making the country a bit better,” and adding that “He’s the only sensible choice now that Biden is up – he’s incapable of being the man at the helm.”

“Joe Biden is, in all practicality, senile, and delinquently senile. My wife has Alzheimer’s — I know the symptoms,” Lydon said in the BBC interview.

When the BBC host countered Lydon and suggested there is no evidence that Biden is senile, Lydon responded “Oh, really? Have you seen him talk lately? I can only go on my vast experience, seeing as my wife is suffering from Alzheimer’s.”

Lydon expanded on his reasoning for supporting Trump, noting that he identified with Trump constantly being accused of racism on a whim.

“I’ve been accused of the very same thing, so I’m offended for anybody who’s called that,” Lydon said.

“Of course I’m anti-racism,” Lydon emphasised.

He also commented on the death of George Floyd, noting “There’s not anyone I know anywhere that wouldn’t say that wasn’t ghastly… It doesn’t mean all police are nasty or all white folk are racist. Because all lives matter.”

Lydon also spoke about the COVID lockdown, noting “I don’t think lockdown is doing any good for anybody.”

“Wrecking an economy is not the smartest move to cure any illness or virus or disease. We’re all capable of wearing masks. We’re all smart enough not to want to give each other filthy, horrible viruses. Give people the chance to work. Don’t just close everything down. This is not Stalin at work here. But, I swear, the governments are beginning to feel that way. We have to hold ourselves responsible at some point in order for our society to exist at all,” Lydon added.

“It seems to me that what the Democrats here in America are promising will be tax hikes beyond belief, more lockdowns, more confusion, more bureaucracy and less answers,” Lydon urged, adding “I have seen what Democrats have done to California. They have destroyed this place.”

Lydon previously expressed support for Trump in 2016, after the election, noting “What I dislike is the left-wing media in America are trying to smear the bloke as a racist and that’s completely not true.”

“He’s a total cat amongst the pigeons … [He’s] got everybody now involving themselves in a political way. And I’ve been struggling for years to get people to wake up and do that,” Lydon added, after admitting he had not voted for Trump at the time.

The punk rocker has since been photographed wearing the iconic ‘Make America Great Again’ apparel:

All of this is simply too much to handle for leftists:

Others understand Lydon’s stance is more nuanced:

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Lizzo Claims ‘Body Positivity’ Movement is Being Taken Over by White Girls Who Aren’t Fat Enough

“Smaller-framed girls, curvier girls. Lotta white girls.”



Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Pop star Lizzo has complained that the ‘body positivity’ movement is being hijacked by white girls who aren’t large enough.

Yes, really.

In an interview with Vogue, the singer said that the ‘fat acceptance’ crusade has become too “mainstream” and too white.

“It’s commercialized,” she claimed. “Now, you look at the hashtag ‘body positive’ and you see smaller-framed girls, curvier girls. Lotta white girls. And I feel no ways about that, because inclusivity is what my message is always about.”

Despite preaching “inclusivity,” Lizzo went on to whine about body positivity being too inclusive.

“Girls with back fat, girls with bellies that hang, girls with thighs that aren’t separated, that overlap,” she said. “Girls with stretch marks. You know, girls who are in the 18-plus club. They need to be benefiting from… the mainstream effect of body positivity now. But with everything that goes mainstream, it gets changed. It gets – you know, it gets made acceptable.”

Of course, in reality, the ‘body positivity’ movement is nothing more than a refuge for lazy, fat people who eat too much.

By forcing society to accept their bad lifestyle choices as some kind of civil rights cause, they get out of having to take any responsibility for their actions whatsoever.

It would be as ludicrous as promoting a ‘smoker positivity movement’, where the dangers of smoking are completely ignored and superseded by the smoker’s need not to feel judged.

Obesity is directly linked to early death and all manner of horrendous diseases. The notion that it should be promoted as normal for young people is totally absurd, but par for the course given the demented clown world we now live in.


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