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World’s Oldest Record Store Bans Morrissey Sales Because He Has a Different Opinion

Diversity of thought? Not here.



The world’s oldest record store has banned sales of Morrissey records because he dared deviate from leftist dogma by supporting a political party which is critical of the Islamic practice of halal slaughter of animals.

“I’m saddened but ultimately not surprised that Spillers is unable to stock Morrissey’s releases any longer,” the shop’s owner, Ashli Todd told the Guardian. “I only wished I’d done it sooner.”

Morrissey is set to release a new solo album on Friday. The former Smiths frontman has been lambasted by the left and the media for expressing support for Anne Marie Waters, leader of For Britain, a political party which has criticized Islam and opposed halal slaughter.

As early as 2007, Morrissey began criticizing mass immigration, telling the NME, “The higher the influx into England the more the British identity disappears … the gates of England are flooded. The country’s been thrown away.”

“If you try to make everything multicultural, you end up with no culture at all,” the singer also commented.

The pop icon also savaged the British establishment for its failure to call out Islamic extremism following the Manchester Arena suicide bombing.

During an April 2018 interview, Morrissey also called out the left’s inability to form a political argument without resorting to ad hominem smears, remarking, “When someone calls you racist, what they are saying is “hmm, you actually have a point, and I don’t know how to answer it, so perhaps if I distract you by calling you a bigot we’ll both forget how enlightened your comment was.”

“British mainstream media is now so politically correct that basic truth is actually impossible, and although it is obsessed with promoting social diversity they will not accept diverse opinion,” he added.

However, the record store in Cardiff should really be applauded. It’s such a brave decision to side with 99% of the music industry who all espouse the same cliched left-wing political views.

So courageous.

They’re all for diversity – until it comes to diversity of opinion, which is ruthlessly crushed.

In an industry that is rife with NPC conformity, Morrissey is one of the few musicians left who dares to speak his mind about anything. Everyone else just glibly repeats the same leftist Stepford Wife mantra because they are terrified of jeopardizing their careers.

From the 60’s to the 90s, artists were much more bold in expressing their opinions because there were no maniacal outrage mobs weaponzing social media to have them deplatformed.

Now everything is a stale, insipid echo chamber.

As Morrissey himself once sung, “the world is full of crashing bores”.

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The Infantilization of Popular Culture

The invasion of the man-babies.



Why are superhero movies so popular?

Why are millennials regressing back to an infantilized state of permanent adolescence?

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Watch: Lefty BBC Comedian Booed Off Stage For Tired Brexit ‘Jokes’



Steve Watson

Insulted crowd, and said “what you need here is far right comedians”

Update – A longer video of the incident has emerged:

A comedian who regularly appears on BBC programming was booed off stage and had food thrown at him within minutes of the beginning his routine because he spoke negatively about Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The tail end of Nish Kumar’s appearance was filmed by members of the audience at a charity cricket lunch in London. The footage shows Kumar refusing to leave the stage, and having to be escorted off.

“I know you want me to leave but I’m not going to do it.  Absolutely not.” Kumar can be heard saying in the video.

He was also reported to have bragged to the crowd that he was doing the event for free, but they should have paid a “far right” comedian to do the performance, which incensed the audience even more.

“It was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen,” attendee Jon Austin told the Telegraph.

“It was Brexit straight away.  He came on and he killed the audience.  It took less than a minute. People were booing him.  He had bread rolls thrown at him.” Austin added, saying the event in aid of disabled children “wasn’t the place” for politics.

Kumar was also said to have made a joke about himself either looking like a terrorist or a Brazilian, depending on the angle.

When the crowd quickly turned, Kumar reacted by insulting them, calling them “Thick”. “He said ‘what you need here is far right comedians’,” Mr Austin said, adding “‘Far right’ – it was just deeply offensive.”

Kumar is known for routinely appearing on boring BBC panel shows where ranting about Brexit is somehow considered ‘comedy’. He also fronts a ‘comedy’ show called Mash Report on the BBC, where he parrots this kind of material ad nauseum.

In other words, he operates in a total bubble. Put him out in the real world in front of a crowd of middle-aged cricket fans, and this is what happens.

This perfectly underscores how sick British people are of being told what the ‘right’ way of thinking is by establishment hacks like Kumar. All he does is use comedy as a coat for imposing his political beliefs on others. It is simultaneously a horrendous misuse of the art form, and a smarmy declaration of moral superiority.

Kumar sardonically addressed the incident on Twitter, writing “In my defence, it was only one bread roll and it missed me.”

He also posted a YouTube video of Bob Dylan laughing at newspaper reports that people had walked out of one of his concerts after booing him.

It can only be inferred that the suggestion here by Nish is that the people just don’t understand greatness when they see it.

The problem, however, is that Bob Dylan is undoubtedly one of the greatest artists of his time, whereas Nish is a guy who appears on scripted panel shows and at corporate events because he’s not talented or liked enough to score real comedy gigs.

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Anti-Brexit PC Christmas Movie Monumentally Bombs At Theaters



Steve Watson

Get woke, go broke

An anti-Brexit Christmas movie (yes, really) has bombed at theaters, forcing Universal, the studio that produced it, to cut its losses and pull the plug.

In a short sighted attempt to promote “kindness” at Christmas, the film, which was co-written by British actress Emma Thompson, adopts a lecturing ‘woke’ attitude, and heavily pushes an anti-Brexit theme, as well as other PC talking points.

The reviews tell the tale. The Sun’s wrote that “Last Christmas is the worst festive film I have ever seen … It’s a woke, remoaning, overly politically correct mess of a movie that manages to suck every inch of fun, joy and togetherness out of the season where we should be jolly.”

The now left leaning Rolling Stone wrote that “Last Christmas is bad. Incredibly, shockingly, monumentally bad…The kind of bad where you might literally hear the tolerance messaging — same-sex unions, homelessness, anti-immigrant prejudice, Brexit — being ticked off a checklist were it not drowned out by the sound of everyone patting themselves on the back.”

Oof, that stings.

US Weekly posited that “Perhaps actress-co-screenwriter Emma Thompson realized the romance was a dud. This would explain why she decided to cram in about 12 assorted subplots — including the plight of homelessness, a closeted lesbian sister, alcoholism, serious cardiovascular issues, Yeoh’s romance with a Swedish man who likes sauerkraut and immigrant shame in the age of Brexit.”

Other reviews called the film “brutally unfunny” and “a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift that’s filled with rotten turkey leftovers”

One of the only positive reviews came from NPR. which still only managed to describe it as ‘pleasant’. Go figure.

Thompson, who also managed to find time to star in the film in between flying thousands of miles to lecture people on the streets of London about a ‘climate emergency’, attempted to defend the shambles, arguing that it would have been “psychotic” not to have included Brexit in the Christmas film.

“I think [the political references] are very lightly brushed in. Because our main character is the daughter of immigrants, it would be very difficult to tell this story without mentioning, at least, the fear that people have who are immigrants with Brexit.” Thompson claimed.

“Because it’s set in a very particular time as well, it’s set in 2016, we couldn’t avoid it. Having it not there would’ve been slightly psychotic. And I think what’s more important about what’s under the fun of the movie is a message about kindness.” she added.

It’s quite clear, however, that people simply do not want a lesson in how to be politically correct injected into their entertainment.

The film, which had a budget of $30 million, pulled in just $11 million in its opening month. After a fortnight it had only recouped $27.9 million, forcing Universal to remove it from over 1,000 theaters at the weekend.

The old adage ‘get woke, go broke’ proves correct once more.

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