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Girl Who Rejected Getting Pregnant Because She ‘Doesn’t Want to Create Any More White People’ Celebrated

Tweet receives over 136,000 ‘likes’.



The story of a girl who vowed to never have babies because “she doesn’t want to create any more white people” went viral on Twitter, with many respondents celebrating the prospect.

“Can’t stop thinking about how yesterday a white girl in my class said that she’s planning on never having kids because she doesn’t want to create any more white people,” said the tweet, which was posted by an Asian student.

The tweet was received warmly by the vast majority of respondents. It received over 23,000 retweets and 136,000 likes.

Crucially, the tweet was not ‘ratioed’ – receiving under 500 responses at time of writing, indicating that most people who retweeted or liked the tweet endorsed its message.

Respondents praised the white girl for her valiant sacrifice.

“She deserves a trophy,” remarked one.

“She’s doing the Lord’s work,” added another.

“Wow. WE STAN A WOKE WHITE QUEEN,” commented another.

“Great activism right here,” remarked another.

This is yet another example of how the last form of acceptable racism is racism against white people, which in schools and colleges across America has become a trendy form of virtue signalling.


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Wife Scolds Husband For Discouraging His 12-Year-Old Daughter From Buying Sex Toys

“Now it’s going to be impossible to discipline her”.



A wife scolded her husband after he grounded their 12-year-old daughter for trying to buy sex toys on Amazon.

Yes, really.

In a Reddit post, the husband explains that he caught his daughter “looking at vibrators on Amazon”.

He disciplined the child by confiscating her MacBook and grounding her for a month, only for his wife to immediately reverse the punishment and return the MacBook.


“She was standing right next to her when she said it,” he writes, adding, “They both had their arms crossed. I sat there for a while in silence, dumbfounded at what my wife was doing, and then I refused to give it back. My wife and I argued about it for an hour and then eventually she just gave our daughter the MacBook.”

The man’s wife and daughter then stopped speaking to him altogether and he ended up sleeping on the couch.

“My wife completely punked me out in front of my own child and now it’s going to be impossible to discipline her. Am I the asshole here?” he asks.

In yet another sick twist, one of the top responses to the original post agreed with the actions of the wife, stating, “You really totally fucked up man. This isn’t 1950. If you 12 year old wants to masturbate and have a vibrator, then you have to support her.”


The west is truly finished.

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Japanese Sex Robot Brothel Gets Surge of Men Asking For Male Sex Dolls

So they can experience anal sex without having to interact with a human.



A sex robot brothel in Japan says it has received a surge of enquiries from men asking for male sex dolls so that clients can experience bisexuality “without interacting directly with a man of flesh and blood”.

Yes, really.

The “hyper-realistic” sex doll brothel, which recently opened in the city of Nagoya, offers clients “futuristic sex” with their “favorite anime character”.

The female sexbots can be dressed in a choice of clothing while one with an E-cup breast size is available upon special request.

However, co-founder Sergio Prieto says that he is currently considering introducing male sex dolls following a surge in demand from men who want a ‘memorable’ bisexual experience.

“We have recently attended to several clients who request an appointment with male dolls and female dolls at the same time,” Prieto said, adding: “Probably bisexual, or heterosexual, who want to experience anal sex without interacting directly with a man of flesh and blood”.

Every day we stray further from God’s light.

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Leftists Again Claim White House is Using a Melania ‘Body Double’

The dumbest conspiracy theory re-emerges.



Leftists returned to one of their favorite conspiracy theories by claiming that the White House again used a Melania Trump ‘body double’.

An ABC News video from this week showing President Trump answering reporters’ questions outside the White House reinvigorated rumors that a Melania stand-in had been deployed.

“Who is that woman standing behind Trump because it is straight up not Melania,” claimed writer and producer Ally Maynard.

“Melania has rich woman hair. This woman, while her hair is nice, it is not “I have spent loads on upkeep” rich person hair,” she added.

“Melania also has a very specific post-nose job nose that’s tiny and pinched. And now I’m a conspiracy theorist!” tweeted Maynard.

Other people with overactive imaginations then jumped in.

“I’m not one to give much thought to the body double conspiracy, but it’s insane how much that is NOT Melania,” said one.

“It wasn’t her. They have a fake body double they’ve used several times. It’s not Melania,” added another, before asserting that the two Melania’s had different noses (despite the nose looking identical).

This is by no means the first time the claim has been made that Melania has a doppelganger.

Back in March, a progressive journalist ludicrously claimed that the Trump administration has deployed a body double of Melania to accompany the president on occasions when the First Lady is unavailable. Her tweet received over 26,000 likes.

The conspiracy that Melania is sometimes replaced by a body double originated in 2017 when people began claiming that the “Melania” who appeared at a US Secret Service training facility was an imposter.

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