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Report: French Government Forbids State Architects From Giving Interviews About Notre Dame

Cause of fire remains a mystery.



The French government has reportedly forbidden state-employed architects from giving interviews to the media about the Notre Dame fire.

That’s according to Antoine Pasquier, editor in chief of news outlet Famille Chrétienne.

Pasquier tweeted that France’s Ministry of Culture has ordered government architects who work for Monuments Historiques, the state body responsible for preserving the architectural heritage of France, not to speak to the press.

As we highlighted yesterday, despite authorities ruling the fire an “accident,” the actual cause of the blaze has yet to be determined.

The company responsible for elevators in the cathedral said the power to them was cut by workers leaving the site an hour and a half before the fire started.

Electrical wiring that ran through the roof of the cathedral was also up to standards, according to Notre-Dame spokesman Andre Finot.

A scaffolding firm that worked on the site also said that some its employees defied rules by smoking, but asserted that it was impossible for a cigarette butt to burn old oak beams.

The Paris prosecutor’s office announced that it had not ruled out any hypothesis about the origin of the fire and that all possibilities were still being explored.

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‘Golden Demon’ Statue Placed Atop New York Courthouse to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Abortion



Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

Twitter Screenshot

A new state-sanctioned desecration of our heritage just dropped.

The demon statue to honor Ginsberg sticks out like a sore thumb. 

“The image of justice as a woman has been present for centuries, but women only gained juridical voice in the last one,” Pakistani-born Shahzia Sikander said her artist’s statement. “Despite years of women’s struggle for legal socio-economic and political equality, gender bias still continues to create barriers for many women, whether it is health and education rights, equal economic opportunities, gender-based violence and race, or class discrimination.”

What were the “barriers” stopping you from having this monstrosity placed atop the courthouse? 

There are no barriers to anything anymore — that’s why giant piles of garbage are desecrating all of our public spaces.

Contrast Sikander’s garbage heap with the original work of art designed by James Brown Lord:

[Image source: EpicGeniusCC BY-SA 4.0]

[Image source: Beyond My KenCC BY-SA 4.0]

[Image source: Beyond My KenCC BY-SA 4.0]

We need more barriers to protect our heritage, not less. One would think plain old shame would serve as a “barrier” to prevent such desecrations but our ruling elites are clearly utterly shameless. 

This post was originally published at Information Liberation

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Globalist architecture.



In an age of ugliness, a work of beauty is an act of defiance.

Let’s check in on modern architecture.

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Video: More Idiots Allowed To Damage Priceless Art In Latest ‘Climate Protest’

Why were they allowed to return for a photo op?



Steve Watson


More ‘climate change activists’ were allowed to vandalise a valuable artwork in Milan, Italy Sunday in the latest display of pointless attention seeking adolescent petulance.

Three youths and an older woman from a group that calls itself ‘Last Generation’ managed to throw flour all over a Andy Warhol piece, before being incomprehensibly allowed to return to the scene and sit cross legged on the ground next to the work like stubborn toddlers refusing to play nice.

The work they targeted was Warhol’s BMW Art Car, a painted sports car from 1979 that resides in Milan’s Fabbrica del Vapore.

The group had planned to glue themselves to the car windows, but were dragged away before they had the chance, according to reports.

Further footage shows they were, however, brought back to sit in front of the car for the media.

The elder woman, a university researcher wearing a shirt on which was scrawled “we have 858 days left,” stated that “staying in the classroom or in workshop with my students without trying everything possible to get governments to do their part has become unbearable to me,” further declaring that she was helping “the last generation on the face of the planet that can still do something.”

BMW’s cultural engagement department issued a response noting “Art is as priceless as it is untouchable. It belongs to all of humanity and reflects the great achievements of which each of us is capable. Andy Warhol’s 1979 Art Car is a unique masterpiece and we have no sympathy for a violent attack on the artist’s work defaced for many decades.”

As we highlighted last week, dozens of museums issued a statement condemning the attacks and stating that they are “deeply shaken by their risky endangerment.”

The culprits believe that attention-seeking to propagandize for climate change activism, a cause amplified by virtually every major media outlet, corporation, the entertainment industry, cultural institution, government and academia, is some kind of rebellious, edgy statement.

It isn’t.

How about the vandals do us all a favour and go after this shit instead?


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