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Roger Scruton Fired For Accurately Stating Word “Islamophobia” Was Invented by the Muslim Brotherhood

Author sacked for telling the truth.



Author and philosopher Roger Scruton was fired from his position as an adviser to the UK government on housing after he accurately stated that “Islamophobia” was “a propaganda word invented by the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Scruton lost his role as chair of the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission over comments he made to the New Statesman during an interview.

Scruton said Islamophobia was “a propaganda word invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to stop discussion of a major issue.”

And he’s completely correct. The term “Islamophobia” was created in the 90’s by Islamists as a way of silencing criticism of Islam by labeling it as hate speech.

As Claire Berlinski writes, “The neologism “Islamophobia” did not simply emerge ex nihilo. It was invented, deliberately, by a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, the International Institute for Islamic Thought, which is based in Northern Virginia.”

Scruton, at least partly, has been fired for telling the truth.

In the same interview, Scruton also said “each Chinese person is a kind of replica of the next one.”

However, the full context of the quote was edited out of the interview, making Scruton’s statement sound racist even though he was actually talking about the Chinese Communist Party, not Chinese people as a race.

He also defended Hungarian President Victor Orban, saying Hungarians were “alarmed by the sudden invasion of huge tribes of Muslims from the Middle East” (another fact).

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Vox Party Secretary General Could Face Prosecution For Decrying “Islamist Invasion”

“Civilization is seriously threatened,” asserts populist party’s number 2.



The number two man in Spain’s populist Vox Party could face prosecution for decrying what he called an “Islamist invasion” of Europe.

Javier Ortega Smith, who serves as Vox’s Secretary-General, gave a speech in which he said that the biggest threat Europe faces is from Islamists.

“Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, the enemy of liberty, the enemy of progress, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family, the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called the Islamist invasion,” said Smith.

Asserting that “civilization is seriously threatened,” Smith went on to claim that Europeans were “suffering in their cities, their streets and their neighborhoods” because of the imposition of sharia law and that Christian churches are being demolished and replaced with mosques.

“They are not willing that their women should have to cover their faces with a black cloth and be treated ten steps back — worse than camels,” he added.

Smith is now being investigated by judicial authorities over the statements.

Vox defied expectations by taking 12 seats in the Andalucían regional election back in December.

The Spanish general election takes place this weekend with Vox expected to pick up around 11% of the vote.

Meanwhile, in a clear example of election meddling, Facebook removed a network of pages pushing pro-Vox content, including Unidad Nacional Española (UNE) – which had more than 1.2 million followers.

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Washington Post Worries About “Retaliation” Against Muslims Following Islamic Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka



The Washington Post expressed concern about “retaliation” against Muslims following the Islamic terror attacks in Sri Lanka which targeted Christians.

The Post published an article entitled Sri Lanka’s Muslims fear retaliation after Easter attacks on Christians.

“I am just glad the Washington Post finally identified the *real* victims of the mass terror attack on Sri Lankan Christians that killed almost 300 ppl,” quipped Harry Khachatrian.

Strangely, there never seems to be any concern about “retaliation” against Christians when a white supremacist carries out a terror attack.

As we previously highlighted, following the attacks against Catholic churches in Sri Lanka, BBC News expressed concern for “nervous and afraid” Muslims.

Another article published by UK outlet LBC cited an analyst who worried that the Sri Lanka massacre “may lead to further violence against Muslims”.

Segments of the media also seemed to be more concerned about ‘right-wing’ reaction to the attack rather than the horrific atrocity itself, which killed over 300 people and has already largely been forgotten about by the press.

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Shock AfD Poster Shows White Woman at Islamic Slave Market

“So that Europe does not become Eurabia”.



A shocking poster created by the German right-wing AfD Party shows a white woman being sold at an Islamic slave market alongside the words “So that Europe does not become ‘Eurabia’…Europeans vote for the AfD!”

The poster was displayed outside the Konzerthaus in Berlin to promote AfD candidates in the upcoming European elections.

The painting is The Slave Market by French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme. It depicts a white female slave in an unspecific Middle Eastern or North African setting. The woman is having her teeth checked by a man wearing Islamic garb.

AfD supporters see the painting as a “warning from the pages of history” in reference to current concerns about the sexual molestation of women by newly arrived migrants in Germany.

However, according to New York University’s Isra Ali, who describes herself as a “feminist media scholar,” the painting has “little basis in reality”.

Ali appears to have conveniently forgotten about an entire period of history where white European women were enslaved by Muslims.

During the Barbary slave trade, which occurred between the 16th and middle of the 18th century, Ottoman and Maghrebi pirates operating out of North Africa raided European ships in coastal towns in the Netherlands and Italy and as far north as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving men and women.

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