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Vladimir Putin Calls For Defending Internet Free Speech

When rulers of authoritarian regimes are more pro-freedom than western leaders.



In stark contrast to attempts in numerous western countries to stifle free speech online, Russian President Vladimir Putin defended Internet freedom during a conference earlier today.

When rulers of authoritarian regimes are more pro-freedom than western leaders, you know we’re in trouble.

Putin told the Russian Internet Governance Forum, “I am confident that we should continue to follow the principle of the freedom of the Internet, creating conditions for a wide exchange of information and the implementation of business initiatives and startups.”

The Russian leader said that it was important to balance free speech online with concerns about tackling cyber-crime and illegal content.

Putin’s position is at odds with many western leaders, who have elevated concerns about “fake news” and people’s feelings being hurt over free speech.

In addition to the widespread banning and deplatforming of numerous dissident speakers over the course of the last year, Internet regulation by the state is also intensifying in the west.

According to reports, the UK is about to impose what some are calling “the toughest Internet laws in the world” in the name of stopping cyber-bullying and the spread of “disinformation”.

The European Union also recently passed Article 13, which some fear could lead to the banning of memes.

In the not too distant future, the Russian Internet, where for example you can criticize transgenderism without the risk of being arrested (unlike in the UK), might be more free than anywhere in western Europe.

I can think of nothing more humiliating than that.


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Science & Tech

Geologist Says Yellowstone Eruption Would “Destroy Most of the United States”

5 billion people would starve to death.



A Polish geologist says that an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would destroy virtually all of the United States and cause 5 billion people globally to starve to death.

In comments published by Polish outlet Tech WP, Dr. Jerzy Zaba said that an explosion would cause a drastic temperature drop around the world due to sulfuric acid reflecting sunlight, making growing food almost impossible.

“It is forecasted that if there was an explosion similar to the one 640,000 years ago, it would destroy most of the United States,” said Zaba.

“Discarded materials would cover everything with a meter layer within a radius of 500 km. And due to the emission of a huge amount of dust, gases or sulfur oxide to the atmosphere, there would be a temporary cooling of the climate,” he added.

“Sulfur oxide would create a thin veil of sulfuric acid around the planet reflecting sunlight. [This] would persist for many years. It is estimated that due to climate change about five billion people would starve to death. The scenario of such an explosion can be seen in the documentary film “Superwulkan – disaster scenario”. This is, of course, a catastrophic film, but a lot of scientific truth in it,” concluded the geologist.

An eruption of Yellowstone in our lifetimes would certainly put into perspective the comparatively meaningless political drivel that most people bicker about.

Russian geopolitical analyst Konstantin Sivkov previously stated that nuking Yellowstone could trigger a super volcano that would eviscerate the United States, but his claims were disputed by experts.

In 2013 it was revealed that the magma below Yellowstone was two and a half times larger than previously thought, giving the park’s supervolcano the potential to cause an eruption 2,000 times more powerful than Mount St. Helens. Some experts say the caldera is overdue to erupt.


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Prototype For Economy Airline Seating Showcases the Nightmare of Future Travel

It hurts just to look at it.



Economy airline travel could about to get even worse.

This is a prototype for the future of budget seating.

Cattle grids or battery farms spring to mind.


Also, how is this going to work in America given current obsesity levels?

The reaction on Twitter was not too positive.

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Twitter Rep. Grilled For Refusing to Explain ‘Deplatforming’ Protocols

Senator Hawley demands social media giant explain why it bans people.



Twitter representative Carlos Monje refused to reveal what the social media giant’s protocols were on deplatforming users and banning ‘offensive’ content during a hearing today on Capitol Hill.

Monje, who is Twitter’s Director of Public Policy and Philanthropy, was grilled by Senator Josh Hawley during a committee on investigating political bias at Twitter and Facebook.

“Will you make the protocols public for the review of when you ban people like the Unplanned movie and Jesse Kelly?” asked Hawley.

Monje attempted to give a mealy mouthed response and then he denied he was responsible for making protocols public.

Hawley slammed Monje and Twitter for refusing to make the protocols public while still claiming to be a “pro-transparency company”.

“One of my favorite parts: when Twitter rep couldn’t say why Twitter treated quote from Mother Teresa as hate speech!” tweeted Hawley.

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