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Videos: Yellow Vest Protesters in France Beaten For No Reason Whatsoever

Macron’s decision to go full authoritarian could backfire horrendously.



Despite media attention waning, police brutality against Yellow Vest protesters in France shows no sign of slowing, with two new videos depicting unprovoked violence that wouldn’t look out of place in a dictatorship.

In the first clip, shot in Toulouse, a police officer runs out of his vehicle before violently grabbing a man doing nothing other than washing his face. Another officer then whacks him over the head with a baton.

Reinforcements then arrive and threaten people filming the incident while the man is being arrested and dragged away.

“The man was washing his face in the water and they start hitting him with sticks – why?” asks one woman.

A second clip out of Besançon shows a riot cop run up to a man wearing a yellow vest and smack him in the head with his baton. The violence is particularly egregious because the man is not even being detained or arrested.

The man is then seen profusely bleeding from his head as fellow protesters urgently call for a medic. Police then spray the entire area with tear gas.

Experts say that President Macron’s decision to meet the protests with increasing authoritarianism could backfire horrendously.

“Macron is in a bind: if he’s not tough enough, he invites accusations of being lax in the face of violent public disorder,” said James Shields, professor of French Politics and Modern History at the University of Warwick.

“If he comes down heavily on the protesters, he opens himself to the charge of being authoritarian. The president looks now to be in a position where he can’t win either way.”


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Thiel: ‘Globalist’ Google Is In Bed With Chinese Military; Must Be Investigated By FBI and CIA



Steve Watson

‘Post-nationalists’ are aiding Communist government over America

Billionaire Tech investor Peter Thiel has warned that Google is aiding the Chinese military, and that the company needs to be investigated by the FBI and the CIA because it is manned by “globalists” who do not understand the threat to the US that China poses.

Thiel described Google’s political culture as “globalist, “post-national,” and “cosmopolitan,” adding that the company is “incredibly insular” and “incurious” about real “problems” outside of its own silicon valley bubble.

Thiel called for US intelligence agencies to get involved as Google is indirectly providing the Chinese government with cutting edge AI technology.

“The question about Chinese interest in [Google’s artificial intelligence development] is one that needs to be looked at much more carefully. That’s why I’ve argued that the FBI or the CIA should be looking at this.” Thiel noted in an interview with Fox News.

Watch the full interview here

“I think it is unprecedented in the last 1000 years or ever that  major U.S. company refused to work with the U.S. military and has worked with our geopolitical rivals. This is not a liberal-conservative thing. This is absolutely unprecedented.” the entrepreneur continued, referring to the fact that Google refused to bid on the Department of Defense’s $10 billion JEDI contract last year, on the grounds that working with the U.S. military could violate its “AI principles.”

“Google has a major AI research lab in China, where, even though it’s not working directly with the Chines military, in effect, all the technology gets handed on to the Chinese military.” Thiel warned, comparing the technology to the “Manhattan Project”.

“This is in black-and-white in the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party, as of 2017, it got amended to stress that there needs to be civil-military fusion in China, where all things need to be integrated. Anything that has civilian use must also be handed over to the People’s Liberation Army, the PLA.” he further explained.

Elsewhere during the interview, Thiel, a Trump supporter, noted that “There are many other people in Silicon Valley who support the president, but they are not going to say it.”

“And so that’s always the problem – unanimity doesn’t mean that everybody agrees. It normally just means that everybody is just too scared to speak up.” Thiel added.

Thiel, who co-founded PayPal and was an early investor in Facebook, has previously warned that Google is aiding in the transfer of AI technology to the Chinese military in favor of America because “woke” Google employees are anti-American and prefer China to the U.S.

Calling Google’s action a “treasonous decision,” Thiel warned that “There’s probably a broad base of Google employees that are ideologically super left wing, sort of woke, and think that China’s better than the U.S. or that the U.S. is worse than China – it’s more anti-American than anything.”

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Michel Houellebecq: The EU’s Goal is To Make Democracy Impossible

The truth about the EU.



The iconic French author nailes it on the EU.

“Europe’s true vocation is to make democracy impossible and install a government of experts. Democracy is the future. Europe is a regression.”

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Migrants Fight With Greek Riot Police After Hearing Fake News About ‘Open Border’

“We want to go to Europe”.



Migrants rushed to Greece’s northern border to confront riot police after hearing fake news from people smugglers that the border was open.

Skirmishes have been ongoing for days as a result of the migrants believing false rumors on Facebook that they would be allowed to travel on to northern European welfare states.

Riot police fired tear gas at the asylum seekers, who responded by hurling stones and bottles in an attempt to break a police cordon.

Hundreds of migrants remained encamped in the area having refused the Greek government’s offer to take them back on buses.

“We want to go to Europe, we don’t want to stay in Greece,” a Syrian man told Reuters through an interpreter.

“We will stay here until the borders open, we don’t have any other choice,” his wife added.

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